The Taco Bell "I'm Full" commercials

There are some mentions of this in past threads, but nothing substantial in over a year.

I just wish to register my utter disgust with this campaign, and I am sorely disappointed it has lasted so long.

It makes me not want to go to Taco Bell because I do not want to self-identify as a pig.

but I do still go though, because of the addictive chemicals they add to their food.


Just make sure that when you go to Taco Bell, you take a big dump in the toilet, then come out and shout, “I’m empty!” :smiley:

I’m right there with ya’.

Except, I’m more disgusted with their “Taco Bell. Make it your FOURTH meal…” ad campaign. (Directed toward the late night crowd.)

They ought to just come out and say what they really mean:

“Taco Bell. Because your inner lardass has been cooped up long enough.”

Or maybe…

“Look, all these crappy fast food joints will make you fat, but who else can give you fiery, explosive diarrhea?”

TB have pissed me off one too many times. The location in the mall I live behind is staffed by monkeys with Downs. If they’re not screwing up my order, they’re digging up the overcooked remnants of the current batch of refried beans and crumbling the dried-up flotsam on my burritos as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with that.

How do you feel about the Burger King “Meat-normous” or “BK Stacker” ads, proudly proclaiming up to quadruple bacon cheeseburgers “with no veggies”?

Does anyone have a link to an online version of the commercial? All I can find on Youtube is lots of ‘parodies’ (the idiots posting lame videos on Youtube should just look up ‘parody’ in a dictionary).

Carl’s Jr has a chili double cheeseburger out. I can feel my arteries hardening just watching the commercials.

“Taco Bell. When you’ve been drinking all night and you’re not getting laid.”

Color me stupid, but I don’t understand what you find offensive about it? Alot of people who stay up late, be it working or having a night out on the town, get hungry late in the night.

In a country with such a high percentage of overweight people already, it’s irresponsible to be encouraging people to eat a fourth meal in the middle of the night, especially one as fattening and nutritionally deficient as Taco Bell.

That’s what is disgusting and offensive. (At least to me)

Is this post directed at the OP or at SHAKES’ subsequent post?


Perish forfend that somebody in advertising in the U.S. make a successful series of commercials which point out what nincompoops mid-30’s white guys are.

Kinda both. They’re not encouraging it. Hell, people get hungry at night, they eat. It happens. All they’re saying is “Hey eat here!” There’s nothing irresponsible about it. They’re just being a business.

The ads I’m talking about in the OP of this thread are not directed toward people who get the munchies at night. The ad campaign I’m talking about is the one which is claiming that only at Taco Bell can you “feel full” without spending too much money.

“I’m Full!” doesn’t signify, in these ads “I’m not hungry!” but rather “I’m satiated!” or in other words “My stomach actually feels stretched out from eating! How wonderful!”


Well, it’s easy to feel full when eating a pound of stuff in one burrito…

The commercial that gets me?

That new one for some kind of microwaved desert… tagline is:

“Three Minutes and you’re in Heaven”

So eating that crap is gonna kill me, huh?

My hats off to you, you marketing genius!

I thought the first ones were funny. The guy’s friend brings the near comatose guy into the doctor and mimes him eating a burrito - which looked like him performing oral sex… :eek:

Perhaps, but they were great in college, and I never gained any weight in college anyway. Too much constant activity.

Heh, I didn’t start gaining weight till I was about 26 (I miss my 27 inch waist). It still strikes me as irresponsible advertising though.

I would say that was the exact opposite of their demographic makeup.