The 'The Banana Splits are really terrifying' petition!

ok, so i was reading another thread entitled, ‘stuff that really terrified you’ or something, and i suddenly remembered that The Banana Splits used to really terrify me. so i asked my sister whether she thought these guys were scarey. she looked at me wierd and said ‘Shut Up’
these guys are seriously scarey dudes, like clowns
basically, who finds them scarey, who doesn’t? i’m just curious

I take great pride in the fact that I adored them as a small child. I faithfully watched their show and danced with abandon at the theme song, causing fear and terror no doubt into the hearts of my parents. Tried watching the show later and it was total and complete dreck. (I still dig The Dickies rendition of the theme song though.) Call it the Teletubbies or the Barney of my generation. The costumes of the 'Splits themselves do still bring a smile to my face, though. Ah, the simplicity of youth, and the memories of the look of horror on my dear mother’s face.

They never scared me, but the bizzare-o-rama on Liddiesville…<shudder> Who the heck thought THAT was a good idea for a kids show??