The Thieves In My Neighborhood

So hubby and I just went to the store, and when we got outside, found that my car had been broken into. We’re not quite sure how they got in, as the doors are always locked and double-checked, and nothing was broken, but my stereo and my speakerbox and 12" subs were gone. At first, I was super pissed off; who wouldn’t be? But then hubby noticed that they left the amp. This is a very good thing! The speakers, though nice, were cheapo Wal-Mart ones, and the head unit wasn’t nearly as nice as the spare I have. The amp, on the other hand, is a very nice (and expensive) model, with all kinds of neat doodads and features, and quite a bit of juice. I even have a couple of spare speaker boxes stored at my mom’s, which means that all I need to replace are the speakers.

So while this could easily go into the Pit, instead, I’ll put it here. Because these criminals are truly Mundane and Pointless. Good job, douchebags! Your lame attempts to ruin my day failed.

Sorry to hear they got some of your things, but glad they didn’t get the amp. At least there wasn’t a broken window to deal with.

A couple of winters ago, someone stole the Christmas package my parents sent to me. Took it right off my doorstep. Wanna know what they got? What I get every year: a calendar and a smoked salmon. I had a good laugh about that. I could just imagine their disappointment when they opened the box. “Oh man, we’re not hitting her house again. She gets really lame stuff!” Imagining their disgust almost offset my disappointment at not getting the salmon I was looking forward to.

Hey, you never know. Maybe the culprits reeeeeaaaaally liked salmon! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the Dope, by the way.

I just hate those thievin’ bastards.

I had a guy steal a gymbag with my dirty undies while I ran inside the liquor store awhile back. It was hot out so I had left the windows down. I was right in front of the place and figured I’d be in and out in a heartbeat.

I came out of the store and see this guy walking away from m y truck with a bag just like mine. Then the lightbulb went off, it is my bag. I hollered at him to stop and he just jumped in his car and peeled out. I got his plate number and called the cops but when I realized all that was in the bag was a wet towel and my dirty undies I had a good laugh.

Don’t let the fuckers get ya down.

To really make our day, did they steal the McDonald bags laying on the floor?

Or maybe they fed it to their cat.

Thanks! I really like it here. I figure I’ll subscribe if the board doesn’t go free before my month is up.

Actually, my (fleeting) cleanliness may have been my downfall. Normally my car is extremely messy, with empty pop cans and cigarette packs strewn everywhere. Because we don’t have a washer/dryer ookup, the trunk is almost always packed with baskets of either clean or dirty clothes. If my car was messy, the crooks probably wouldn’t have even known I had a nice system. My husband, neat feak that he is, had just cleaned the car out two or three days ago, thus exposing the goods to anyone who cared to look through the hatchback. (Damn you, honey!)

I’m actually only vaguely irritated by the whole thing, but my husband is super pissed and ready to go on a nationwide manhunt to track down our stuff.

Sometimes, thieves get what they deserve.

Years ago, a woman I knew was travelling with her husband. He had a case with samples of a clothing product his company was marketing. Left it in the car overnight.

The next morning, they found that it had been stolen.

The thieves got… a caseful of maternity jogging suits.

This weekend, while we were at Comic-Con, some idiot thieves stole…two hanging pepper plants. They didn’t bother to take the containers. No, all they did was take the containers down, uproot and steal the plants, and then put the containers back!

Somebody really needed their salsa.

I had a car stereo stolen once - a cheap, bottom of the line one. The jerks broke my passenger side door lock which would have been a heckuva lot more expensive to repair than the cheap stereo they took. They also took my cd out of the stereo and left it - thanks, I guess? The kicker about this stupid heist was that if I had reported it to the police and gone back to the stereo store with my receipt and the police report, they would have replaced the stupid stereo. I found this out when I went to buy another stereo, but it was too long after the theft to get the other one replaced.

So, moral of the story, when someone steals even your crappy stereo, find out if the store you bought it at has a theft-replacement policy.

I think consumer electronics should come with a wireless disable code that you can trigger to have them fry, or worse.

I replaced my stolen head unit with the spare today. Took less than 30 minutes.

Definitely pulling the faceplate off every time I get outta the car.

Maybe it was the FDA still trying to trace that salmonella outbreak.

I’m partial to the Israeli cell phone option, myself.

Nothing else of value to add here, except to note that when I got this “reply to topic” email in my inbox, I first read it as

and was, like “stolen HEAD??? and she has a SPARE??? Dayum!!” :smiley:

Oh yeah, I’m that good. Steal my body parts, I’ll just grow new ones.

They don’t call me freek for nothin’. :stuck_out_tongue:

My brother once had someone break into his car and drill out his ignition, only to discover that the battery was stone dead. Unlucky thief.

It took my brother months to get the ignition fixed, since he discovered that he could start the car with a screwdriver.