The times at work when I feel like a dummy

I work at a job (Score! Educational Center) almost entirely staffed by high school students. The managers there are all relatively fresh college graduates, and overall most of the staff is quite young. In fact, I am the second oldest employee there (at 22 years old, no less! :eek: )

Well, not only does this make me feel kind of old, but I also feel like a dummy sometimes. You see, I’m the only employee who is/was not an honor student in high school. In fact, if it weren’t for me, then the center could truthfully add the phrase “Our center is staffed by honor students” in their sales pitch :mad:. With my coworkers, its all about AP classes, SAT scores, going to Stanford, Honor society, the whole nine yards. The thing is, when I was in High School, the only thin I was good at was mediocricy. I wasn’t an amazing student, didn’t take AP classes or even the SAT at all, I’m currently in a State College which I got in as a transfer student and never had to gush to an interviewer about how I spent my summers in a volunteer program cleaning smudged animals on the beach.

It kind of makes me feel alienated. I always wish I could have been/can be a better student, and being around a staff of overacheivers really makes me feel that the bar is very high. Particularly stressfull was when we had to submit personal bios that would be posted on the wall in the center (so parents would know a little bit more about the staff). I had to think of significant academic accomplishments I’ve had- unfortunately I couldn’t think of much. Of course all the other employees had ‘Honor Student’ as one of their accomplishments. Sometimes I’d have nightmares that a parent would come up to me, point to my bio, and ask, “How come you aren’t an Honor Student” and I’d be so alarmed by the question all I would do is stammer incoherently.

Not spelling? :wink:

if you feel that insignificant get a job with retarded people…do these people you work with like you…if so…dont worry about it…if a guy/girl you dated was way smarter than you…would you break up with them just cause of that…prolly not…everywhere ya go…someone is going to be smarter…taller…richer…funnier than you…welcome to the world

I hang around people smarter then myself and I like it.
A couple of them are even MENSA. My bestfriend is MENSA and just so I woulnd’t feel left out he gave me his expired MENSA card. So now I can think like MENSA too (just a little slower)

Hanging around smarter people…some of it rubs off.

I could be MENSA, but that’s so social! YUK!
When I feel dumb at work… I design industrial-strength computers (to put it simply.) It’s not as glamorous as it sounds, I’m really a mechanical engineer. I decide where the touchscreen and the LCD display should be placed, where the CPU and power supply and hard drive and etc. should go. When designing a unit I make 1000’s of small decisions! But I make ONE DAMN MISTAKE, and I hear about it from ten different people. If one dimension is off, it affects almost everyone else in our small company! THAT’S when I feel stupid…