The Tin Man: safe for kids?

We got The Tin Man, disc one via Netflix the other day, and we are considering watching it tonight, but we are hoping you fine folks can let us know if it’s safe for kids. My wife is concerned that the imagery might be a bit intense for a 12 year old girl or our 10 year old son.

So, can anyone vet this for us?

It depends on your kids; it’s a strongish-PG I’d say. More to the point, it sucks. So I’d say avoid it anyway, that way the whole family is safe!

That bad huh? Hmmmm…

Well, we can probably suffer through it, I suppose. We’ll figure something out.

Strongish PG? Violence? Brief implied nudity? Language?

Was cause ever the reason for the evening?

I have no idea what that means. :confused:

TV violence. Not *Sopranos *level, but maybe slightly more than you’d expect on Network.

Um . . . giraffe?

Well. Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t, didn’t already have…

It’s interminably long. If it was directed better, and edited better, and the effects weren’t so cheap, and it had about three hours taken out, it might be tolerable. Maybe.

Depending on how close your son is to puberty, he may or may not get a kick out of the cleavage monkeys.

I own Tin Man on DVD as well. Overall there’s some violence, plus you see a kid get punched out, and some scenes where members of the “Cowardly Lion’s” people are tortured. Not over-done torture, but rather just some crying out in pain deal.

There’s some light swearing through the movie, and one scene where you hear the word bitch said sharply and harshly, but overall not too bad.

I don’t think I’d really show it to a 10 year old, and I don’t know how a 12 year old girl would take to it, so use your own discretion.

And I personally like Tin Man, but YMMV.

Me too, then again I’m told I don’t qualify as a rational human being since I also like Deschanel, who everyone else contends cannot act at ALL.

Anyway I wouldn’t say it’s terrible for children that age. It springs to mind there is a quick horror movie “OMG WTF WAS THAT” instance where something very scary happens with a mirror in Azkadelia’s tower in the second episode.

Also, the flashback scenes in the cave may or may not qualify as horrifying. They weren’t nightmare fuel for me, but apparently one or two people I know (we’re talking not usually afraid of much, testosterone filled high school kids) got shot straight in the face with both barrels of the uncanny shotgun when dealing with the witch (she’s just not quite… human feeling, off just enough to be creepy). They were probably playing it up a tad, but those scenes are one part depressing one part scary. Overall it’s not too bad, but you may want to keep an eye on your kids and turn it off if they get scared. Skipping it isn’t really an option because the part is pretty story integral, the same flashback comes up a few times, so it may be possible to only expose them once though.

(The IMDB board came up with hundreds of these… it was kinda scary)

The ‘wizard’ character is a drug addict. You may or may not be wanting to have that discussion with your kids.

Plus there’s at least one flashback scene involving a young girl that could be very disturbing for kids. Nothing graphically violent, but scary.

A witch possesses a little girl and takes over her body.

Just make sure you don’t confuse it with Tin Men. Or The Tin Drum.

No, no, no! That’s Emily’s line. Zooey is in “Tin Man.”

However, don’t feel bad. People, mostly stoners, have been trying to figure it out for nigh-on forty years.

I came in to make the same suggestion, but got distracted.

We couldn’t watch it past the first episode. I’ve seen Deschanel in other things where she was reasonably diverting, but in this, my god, she was terrible. It wasn’t just the directing, and I didn’t notice the editing, and the effects didn’t bother me: it was the script and the acting that did it for me. BOth were abysmal.

Interesting idea. Awful execution.


I thought it started slowly but by the end I really enjoyed it.

Ok, finished the first episode today. I liked it, my wife is still undecided (she said she expects it to suck like a Hoover, which is good, as it can only get better to her, I suppose), and the kids did fine. They are both turning into fantasy geeks (daughter has been plowing her way through the Maximum Ride series, some just finished the Bartimaeus books) which is fine, so they seemed pretty pleased.

So far, nothing ontowards that I couldn’t handle. Thank you for the preview of some potential danger zones… will talk that over with the missues before moving on, though I think my kids can handle it. After all, their bio-mom lets them watch Tombstone, Band of Brothers, etc.

ETA: My biggest problem has been adjusting my idea of it as a retelling of Wizard of Oz into a similar story in an alternate Wizard of Oz…

Eh. It gets worse/more boring as it goes on, so…

If you want your kids bored to death or nauseated by the bad acting and worse plot, I suppose it is PG-13 or so.