The top 10 symptoms of addiction to the SDMB

  1. You don’t think Cecil Adams is a real person but you base this on months of covert research which may or may not have involved a Private Eye.

  2. You use the term ‘goat-felching’ as an adjective.

  3. You log on to the SDMB just to check on handy’s post count

  4. You are considering calling your firstborn Coldfire or Alphagene

  5. You think that this symptom is screamingly funny and are mystified when nobody else gets it.

  6. You have aliases that have bigger post counts than you do

  7. You start to think that Inor is invading your head


  9. When someone says something stupid you actually say “yeah right…ROLLEYES!!!”

  10. :J:

  1. You are so eager to post this dumb thread you mess up the last symptom

You think the happy orthodox jewish man ----> ;j is real, and want to meet him.

Actually, I’m considering Lynn Bodoni or TubaDiva for a girl.


  1. You curse the day Word came up for buttons for bolding and italicizing; you much prefer the coding.

  2. You sink into a deep depression every time you kill a thread.

  3. Thousands of strangers know more about your personal life than most of your family does.

  4. You slip the phrase “Hamburger Helper” into general conversation, just for the hell of it.

  5. You realize that all your base are belong to us.

  1. You laugh OUT LOUD at the screen.

  2. You laugh OUT LOUD hours later, not even near the screen.

  3. You’re reminded three days later of something you laughed out loud on the screen about because of something one of your 'real life right here in front you touch-feel-smell-hear freinds says and you laugh OUT LOUD.

  1. You realize that you don’t get some of the jokes in this thread, so you search through other threads until you do.

You’re reading The Hobbit, and you keep reading Bilbo and Billdo. :smiley:

You hate the fact that your email server at work doesn’t recognize : rolleyes :

You realize that you’ve just sat here for eight hours reading threads that don’t pertain to ANYTHING in your life.

Your boss announces a “new policy” restricting personal use of the internet, and everybody in the room looks at you with hate in their eyes

You have a life-shattering revelation, and rather than immediatly calling up your parents/siblings/friends/neightbours/teachers/employers/former roommates/puppies/etc you feel you need to post it here, RIGHT NOW!

And then you get really depressed when noone replies.

You start to wonder why people in real life call you by your real name instead of your screen name. Later, you become offended when they do so.

You believe that Cecil is SO smart, that if he ever said anything that wasnt true, the laws of the universe would change so that it WAS true.

Hmmm. Check, check, check, check, check … oh, crap. I need help.

1-You consider going into work on your days off just so your sure not to miss anything.
2-Your trying to catch up to and pass handy’s post count by June.
3-Hi, Opal.
4-You write Hi, Opal on your shopping list 3 spots down every week.
5-Your considering getting S D M B tatooed to your knuckles.
6-When someone gets you mad, you don’t tell them, or send a letter to the company, you post about it in the pit.
7-You wonder why your real-life friends don’t get a life and stay in and post on the weekends
8-Your sig is longer than most of your posts.
9-You have the paperwork to legally change your name to your SDMB name.
10-You actually read through my other 9 reasons.

I was wondering when somone was going to mention that one.

Amen! I’m reading Fellowship now, and that username gets me all the time… :smiley: