The Top Four Foods for a Yummy Kitchen Smell

I love frying onions. I am married to a man who throws up if he smells onions.


On the bright side, he loves garlic.

  1. Meat roasting
  2. Baking bread
  3. Frying bacon
  4. Baking pound cake
  1. cinnamon
  2. yeast
  3. meat and onions
  4. chicken soup

Pumpkin pie, start to finish. The pumpkins roasting in the oven, then the pies baking.

  1. Bread. Nothing is better than baking bread.
  2. Onions frying or sauteing in anything.
  3. Sausage (I actually prefer this smell to bacon).
  4. Lemon zest.

I’d like to humbly add “chicken roasting” to the list.

I wish could remember exactly where, but years ago, I saw one of those old-timey housewifey books for new wives (the kind that admonish you to freshen your makeup and put on new pearls before your man comes home from work) and I remember there was a tip: if your man is coming home from work and you haven’t started dinner yet (you shameful harlot, you!) it suggested throwing some chopped onions into butter so that at least it smelled like dinner, thus buying the houewife some time. Of course, the chopped onions can be used in pretty much any dinner, so you got a little prep done, too!

Realtors suggest baking chocolate chip cookies when you show your house.

This, but maybe substitute onions frying/carmelizing or meat roasting for the garlic on occasion.

Curry (this tends to be a yummy “whole house” smell, not a “kitchen” one
Any baking
Garlic & mirepoix sautéing in olive oil
Boiling sugar - toffee, fudge, caramel, praline, all frequent 'round my kitchen.

I think that Peg Bracken put that in at least one of her books. I made meatloaf last night. I always fry the diced onions, celery, and bell pepper in a little oil and then cook them the rest of the way in chicken broth. I can’t eat raw onion, and this way the onion gets fully cooked. It is also tastier. My husband came into the kitchen a few minutes after I started this mess, and said something about how it smelled like dinner was gonna be especially good tonight.

Chicken roasting or stewing is also very good, partly because it includes onions and celery and carrots.

  1. Bread baking
  2. Chocolate chip cookies
  3. My mother’s hot fudge sauce
  4. Onions and garlic in butter

Turkey roasting
Bacon frying
Brownies baking

This one’s probably just a personal thing, but the top of my list is apple cider vinegar. See, Gramma used to use it in a lot of things, so it makes the kitchen smell like Gramma’s kitchen. I’ll be hitting the double whammy this weekend, when I make her dandelion dressing with cider vinegar and bacon.

This is mine for making the place smell good, and not my favorite foods. Too many favorites make the place stink.

  1. Baking bread
  2. Making jelly
  3. Baking pie
  4. Making lemon aid

Garlic & onions sauté-ing
Fruit simmering in butter and brown sugar

Vinegar smells like Easter to me. When I was a kid, we used the Easter egg dye that required vinegar to work. I associate the smell of vinegar with coloring the eggs with my cousins.

Cinnamon rolls
Collard greens