The Torre Kerfuffle(tm) - this isn't the first thread, is it?

Well, the book is coming out and David Wells has done a few interviewscalling Torre a “punk” - for violating the Team Code (“What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room”).

What say you?

I guess I would say I am surprised that Torre participated - I would assume he doesn’t need the money, and has had a great reputation. Even after getting unceremoniously pushed out, that ended up leading to a bit more love for Torre even in Yankee land. How can throwing slop in a book help him, I wonder?

I think Joe Torre foolishly expected “his” players to make a stand to save his job. They didn’t do anything of the kind, and I think he’s paying them back.

That’s a good take, astorian - I hadn’t thought of that.

This story just hasn’t registered for me. I just tune out whenever the Yankees or Dodgers are mentioned anyway, so I just don’t have that strong of an impression of Torre (other than the fact that he’s a dirty, stinkin’ Yankee).

I say holding up Kevin Brown and David Wells as examples of locker room prima donnas is about the most uncontroversial thing you could write in a supposedly controversial book.

Otherwise, I haven’t anything about it. I knew it was being published (book distrbutors have been flogging this thing since October), but I figured it was your typical fluffy sports book.

I think the book damages the myth that is St. Joe a bit but is otherwise not a big deal. Boomer’s rants have actually been quite funny and enjoyable to hear.

Going after Brown and Boomer are easy targets, but he also went after Cashman and A-Rod. None of this shows much of the class he has the reputation for.

Not something I can get very worked up about, and I think that’s because what Torre said here is obviously true. If you follow the Yankees, you know Rodriguez is needy and not popular in the clubhouse. You know Yankee brass really bungled the final contract negotiation with Torre because that was obviously why he left. All Torre did here was fill in the dialogue, but we already knew what was said; there was no other way to interpret what happened. Wells, as much fun as he is, is a jackass. He wrote a book himself years ago and got in hot water for what he said about himself and his teammates, but now he’s upset at Torre? Sauce for an exceptionally plump goose.

Has anyone actually read the book?