The Toyota woman gets less attractive in each successive commercial.

It bothers me.

Have you tried porn?

[li]No she doesn’t[/li][li]Weak fucking pit. If I were to rate, it would be negative.[/li][/ol]

Well, she is a couple years older than she was when she started.

Yeah, but I found your mom ages even worse.


Well, given that she popped her clogs in 2008, I would have thought that you’d have noticed.

Perhaps one of the mods can change the title to: Look how much of an ass-hole I can be!!

Donald Trump, is that you?

I know its mean, but goddamn, the OP is right! I did a spit-take when I saw that square-headed broad with the spread out eyes. Jesus, she has a face for radio.

But I guess she is working out. I certainly remembered the ad. Kinda like I remember fever dreams.


We’re talking about this woman, right?

That face is unattractive enough to warrant a Pit thread? Have you guys ever seen a real woman?

I think she’s quite pretty.

She is not at all unattractive. I would definately knock her down and drag her back to my cave.

I’d say the poster complaining spend all they’re time looking at porn if they think Toyota Jan is unattractive, but a shit-ton of porn actresses aren’t even that attractive.

She’s actually kind of cute.

The penance for complaining about having to see less-than-gorgeous women on television is to put a framed photo of Senator Barbara Mikulski on one’s bedside table.

Toyota Jan is hotter than Flo, equally as hot as AT&T Lily, and not as hot as Wendy. Got that?

All of them, it should be noted, are hotter than me. And perkier, too. I’m not perky.

I would if she asked me

Have you ever been with a woman? (Not one you paid for)

To be fair, I simply said successively less attractive.

It could be she went from a 10 to a 9.5 to a 9.0 to an 8.5.

8.5 is still considered quite attractive by most people.

Reading comprehension, folks. Jeez.