The "Traditional Start of Summer" MMP

If you’re an American citizen who is a slave to the calendar, today marks the beginning of summer. Around here, at least, schools are still in session for a few more weeks, so I don’t expect the kids think it’s the start of summer yet.

It’s also traditionally OK to wear white shoes now, tho I don’t entirely get that. Nor do I care - I’m a fashion rebel! I’ll wear *what *I want, *when *I want! Take that, Fashionistas!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

No, wait, this isn’t going to be a MMPitting. Sorry. Happy Memorial Day, Americans! Happy Monday to the rest of you. Go forth and do interesting things, then post here about them!


At home it’s “pack up to go to Córdoba day.” Mom had managed to plan for a total of five bags; I’ve managed to reduce them to a small suitcase on wheels, a computer case (minus the computer) to be used as a carryon in the train and her handbag. Trying to get her to carry the sandwiches and tickets in a plastic bag would be too likely to cause a brainsplatter, so I’ve abandoned that front.

Happy Memorial Day to our American MMPers and lurkers (yeah, you!)

Lessee – Memorial Day: Not here. Monday – not really… at least not philosophically speaking.

Oh well, it’s still a nice MMP OP :slight_smile:

As for the white shoes whenever you want – Watch out for Serial Mom!! :eek: :smiley:

I just looked at the extended forecast - looks like Southern Merrylande is starting “summer” with 3 days of rain. At least long range is giving us a nice weekend.

Scruffy and Taz have been mixing it up already this morning - little idiots! Makes me wonder what goes on in this house while we’re at work. Taz is usually the instigator, but sometimes Scruffy is a butt, just because.

Life is never dull when you live in a house full of critters. :smiley:

Morning all. Another day of work for me.

FCM, Gordie and Nelly are the same way.

We have a 60% chance of rain this afternoon. I’ll still grill though, I’ve got a beef tenderloin. Well, it says “from the shoulder,” so it’s probably not really tenderloin. We’ll see. Corn on the cob and sliced tomatoes and some other side.

Sat out drinking a bit with our neighbor (the home-grown tomatoes guy, not the one with the parked car.) He’s fun. :slight_smile: I have a bit of a hangover, and apparently I didn’t do the dishes. :smiley:

I’ve worn white shoes twice this season. I’m a rebel, too!

Parade time!

Hi! (ducks head). I can’t believe another week went by so quickly and I missed playing in the MMP.

I’ve been a bad mumper.

Day off today, which is nice. We bought our new car last week, to replace the one that was totaled. We bought a 2009 Altima, to replace the 2002 Altima we had. It’s blue and has a sun roof. Very cool.
'm hoping the glass store is open today so I can pick up stuff for a nw project and for the mosaic project my little girl is working on.

"nuff said. My Summer’s resolution is play more with friends- online and nearby!

Happy Memorial Day - an a moment of silence in recognition of those who gave their lives for our country.

Nice OP, FCM–Memorial Day is the traditional start of the summer season. And of course now we can wear white…until Labor Day that is. :smiley: There are also usually parades for the holiday; I can remember going to a Memorial Day parade or two with my Mom. In Washington DC there will be a parade today, down Constitution Avenue; it starts at 2 PM if anyone wants to see…although there may be rain, so forewarned is forearmed. :slight_smile:

Ooh, just remembered! FarmChick (known as DeckChick on Youtube) has some baby pig videos up!! :slight_smile:

Did anyone else watch the House marathon on USA yesterday? The girl in one of the last episodes (the one who wanted House, but wasn’t quite legal yet) was HAWT. And I’m not yet 21, so that’s not skeevy.

Chicago weather is traditionally really crappy for Memorial Day weekend, but we lucked out this year! It’s a bit cool here, but we don’t expect rain 'til tomorrow. Woohoo!

I finally cut the grass for the first time this year and burned a ton of yard waste that accumulated over the winter. Then I went to my dad’s and planted six flats of impatients, some ferns I dug up from my place, and some dead nettle (the white ones) for the dead side of his house. I cut a bunch of dead branches out of his evergreens, but it doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. Those trees need to GO!

Today I’m going to take it easy. I might drag out the mower and cut the grass where the branches were queued up for the burn. Or I might just be a slug. It’s anyone’s guess.


Puppy won’t let me sleep in, as she is still getting used to the idea of no parents or siblings around, and thinks nothing of waking up whining to play with someone, anyone, at 5 am.

I finally gave up, and put her on my lap while I check out this MMP, only to have her fall asleep on my lap. :rolleyes:

More later.

Don’t forget that today’s not only Memorial Day when we remember those who died fighting for freedom, it’s also Towel Day when we remember that they were all hoopy froods who knew where their towels were.

We were given the opportunity to not work today, but not only am I a few grand in debt, I’m also trying to save for a trip to visit my best friend in Australia next year, so I volunteered to come in. It’s been incredibly slow as expected, and we’ve not had a single call all day. I will likely spend all day obsessively refreshing the SDMB and, if the filter will allow it, livejournal.

I have been dormant most of the weekend, either junketing to Ohio for a funeral, or just sitting with friends and beerating. Today, I will un-slug, head to grab some thiings to bury in the yard and commence planting. Flowers for the front walk, a border and hostas for around the base of the pear tree - now that it’s gone two full years, it seems safe to plant permanent around it. And if the energy (and the Amex) hold out, I’ll clean up and get the peppers and assorted veggies in the ground.

All followed by some chicken on the grill, some sides and a bunch of nothing.

I survived my canoe trip in Merchant’s Millpond State Park. I didn’t tip the canoe, hear any banjos, nor did I even see Rippy The Gator.

My neck, arms, and back are all sore as hell from the workout. I gotta do that again…

Now I face a long day of honeydos, dammit, in between the rainstorms.

Good morning! We’ve done nothing but go, go go all weekend. Since our bike ride was cut short yesterday, we’ll probably go again today.

I really kind of want to stay home and work in my backyard. I guess we’ll see what the day brings.

I don’t have a pair of white shoes.:frowning:

ok- chicken on the grill, fruit salad, baked beans and strawberry shortcakes. Simple, but it will be nice. The glass store is closed, which I’m actually kind of glad about!

Wayward boy left a huge project for school for today, so his day off will be less than stellar…

Maybe I’ll get some annuals to plant…

It’s been summer for a few days here already - today was another hot one (109°F/43°C), so I think this summer is shaping up to be spectacularly HOT!

The only white shoes I own are sneakers!

Yikes! 109 degrees!! Good Lord, I start wilting at about 80 degrees. I don’t DO hot.

Even my tennis shoes aren’t white. Mine are a slate blue color.