The Transformation of Dan Rodimer

I haven’t seen this topic posted anywhere, but I’ve been known to miss things before.

Dan Rodimer, a former pro wrestler from New Jersey, ran in Nevada as a “family man” and lost. So now he’s moved to Texas and transformed himself into a cowboy-hat-wearin’ good ol’ boy with a Texas drawl.

I know that politicians of both parties move to different states an reinvent themselves, but this one seems Jeckyll-and-Hyde extreme

He’s switched from a ‘face’ (good guy) to a ‘heel’ (bad guy).

If Ultra Magnus gives him the Matrix of Leadership, would he transform again into Dan Rodimus Prime?

Dan Rodimer is very good at two things: domestic violence and losing elections. His campaign last year in NV-3 was ridiculous, going straight to the macho-man Trumpster schtick in an increasingly diverse area that has been moving away from Republicans for a decade.

Unfortunately, from the dawn of time, elected office (and political appointment) has been a career choice for hucksters and charlatans. Even more unfortunately, they sometimes con enough voters to win, as recent history demonstrates. Hopefully, D-Rod will continue to be an amusing footnote, but I wouldn’t be too sure!

tweet Foul for unnecessary punnage. 10-yard penalty.

(It was actually quite funny)