The Triumph of Glitz -- Wiki on Firefox

Is this ever annoying. Now, on Firefox, when the cursor lands on a linked word when scrolling down a Wikipedia page, a pictorial popup invades the screen. It stays open until you move the cursor out of the popup. It doesn’t do that in Chrome. Yet.

Whew. It can be disabled using the gear icon on the popup.

Oh. You can “enable previews” at the bottom right of any Wiki page. I guess I must have accidentally clicked it.

I am very fond of this, and have learnt many things otherwise I would not have.

Only does it for me on footnote links. Which is okay by me, it’s useful information presented in an unobtrusive way.


I never knew about this feature. I turned it on and think it’s kinda cool. Gonna leave it on and see if I still think that in a few days.

Thanks, OP!