The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making Part Deux (Part 1)

You’d think anybody working for Trump would know by now that stiffing the hired help is the default and that specific instruction are required only if Trump decides to actually pay one of his bills.

I hope they have lots of crayons for colouring in.


the site is really well done. the grift shop has many lovely items.

Trump’s idiots can’t even get the little things right. Works by the federal government generally aren’t even subject to copyright.

Even works of fiction*?

ETA:*yes, to answer my own rhetorical question, as it is meant as a joke to imply that this was a work of fiction, not to actually inquire as to whether or not works of fiction commissioned by the federal govt are generally under copyright.

Sources say that Tr*mp is moping around in self-pity mode. He stays in the residence and watches TV, complaining that Republicans are not defending him enough. :violin:

A source blames Mark Meadows for bringing in “kook after kook after kook” to talk to Tr*mp and get his hopes up about the election being “stolen” and ways to get it back.

Staff are tired of “setting themselves on fire” for him but Lindsey Graham is back in his good graces, calling Republicans and urging them not to convict on impeachment.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Remember him? His 15 minutes just expired.

When Mr. Trump was elected president in 2016, Dr. Bornstein had hoped to be named White House physician and suggested as much to a longtime Trump assistant. But he was expelled from the Trump orbit after he disclosed to The Times that the president was taking medication to make his hair grow.

In response to questions about his own health, [trump] ordered Dr. Bornstein to issue “a full medical report.” Mr. Trump predicted that although he would be 70 when he took office, the oldest president ever to be inaugurated for the first time, the report would show that the state of his health was “perfection.”

He soon released a four-paragraph letter signed by Dr. Bornstein saying that his blood pressure and unspecified lab test results were “astonishingly excellent,” and that his strength and stamina were “extraordinary.”

Using hyperbole more often associated with Mr. Trump than with the medical profession, the letter added, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

Bornstein’s cause of death was not given in his obituary.


You know the drill. Miss Rudy will write it off on his taxes as a business loss. Hopefully Biden’s repaired IRS will _____ a ___ of _____ up ______ ___ .

Oh, I hope I’m the first one to post this, it just goes to show what assholes Jared and Ivanka are.

They get a Secret Service detail. And, for years, they’ve refused to let the men tasked with keeping their elite butts safe use the bathroom inside their 6 bathroom mansion.

I guess they had a Porta-Potty for awhile, but they also resorted to going over to Obama’s house whenever they had to pee. Sometimes they peed at Pence’s house, too.

Then, cause grifters gotta grift, one their neighborhoods graciously offered to let them use a bathroom located in a basement studio. But, we the people, the taxpayers, paid $3000 a month to keep Ivanka’s toilets from being sullied by a working man’s ass.

All I can say is that if I were editing the Washington Post or on charge of networks News, this would be my headline, my lead story.

By the way, in the course of my career, I think I’ve worked in the luxury apartments and mansions of somewhere between 500 and 1000 wealthy people. Sometimes just for a day, sometimes every day for weeks.
And I have never had anyone refuse me access to a bathroom in their home. Granted, you just can’t pop your ass down in the Master Bath, but there’s ALWAYS a staff bath or powder room you can use.

And I knew, over the course of my career, hundreds of other people that worked in thousands of wealthy peoples homes and I never heard of anyone being denied access to a bathroom. The gossip channels in my business would’ve exploded if they had.

It absolutely should be, and I plan to promote it bigly. I’ve been trying to find the right term & that is it. Thanks!

Makes you wonder what the trump Hotel detail had to do.

As an aside (from the Post story):
“Yet this solution, too, was short-lived after a Secret Service supervisor from the Trump/Kushner detail left an unpleasant mess in the Obama bathroom at some point before the fall of 2017, according to a person briefed on the event.”
I am now very curious.

I don’t know why they just didn’t stick to using the porto – parked at the end of the driveway. And after six months when the neighbors inevitably complain* tell them why.

*As a regular participant at Burning Man, I can tell you how odiferous portos are when they’re being serviced, and the truck’s pump is pretty darn noisy too.

Truck’s pump? You just haul out that half barrel, add diesel fuel, and light it.*

*That’s standard for most poopers on military deployment at less developed sites.

I worked in Trump Tower once, in an apartment that was still under construction.

My work generally started during the construction phase, and finished after. This was a very small job for me, it was a one bedroom pied a terre for some rich guy whose primary residence was in Italy.

If you are working in an apartment in Trump Tower, you enter through a side door that leads to a small elevator lobby. It’s a one floor elevator that takes you down to the very large maze that is the basement of the building. There you check in, get your authorization and a temporary badge and directions on how to navigate the maze and get to the correct elevator to take you up - there are several for the building.

Then you go to work. This was a very small job for me. When a house or large apartment is under construction there is always a bathroom for the workers. But this was a small apartment and there was no working bath, you were expected to go downstairs and use the facilities for building employees. This is not unusual if the apartment is small and it was not unexpected.

I took a bathroom break after a few hours.

So I headed down to the service area in the basement and I was told they didn’t have a ladies room. They had no bathroom facilities for women. My mind boggled. This happened in 2014, not 1980.

I imagine, somewhere in that building there is a place that is “home base” for housekeeping but if they have a bathroom that was not revealed to me.

They sent me to the bathroom in the public space in the building.

Public spaces exist only because builders like Trump get other concessions in exchange for them. But they don’t want people to use them. So they look nice, on paper…but in practicality…that one is a black marble cave, hardly any lighting, with some uncomfortable tables and chairs. And in case that doesn’t dissuade you from wanting to eat lunch there, they plop in a piano player at lunchtime, VERY loud and not very good, echoing around the cavern -free Live Music!

The ladies room was a side cave of the main cave, with a big yellow “closed for cleaning” sign blocking the entrance. I think they put the sign up during all high traffic times.

As anyone who’s spent time in NYC knows, fast food restaurants do not have public restrooms. Drugstores, supermarkets and retail stores that are not large department stores do not have public restrooms. Sit down restaurants have restrooms for customers only. About the only place to find a public restroom is public library or a hotel large enough to host conferences and meetings.

So I ended up walking all the way up 5th Ave to the freaking Waldorf Astoria. I was gone an hour and I’m glad there wasn’t any …urgency to the situation.

Luckily, I only had to be there a few hours at a time, and after that I just made sure not to need a bathroom.

Fuck the Trumps. I hope they don’t get bathrooms in their cells.

I highly doubt that this is the case, because,…

I’m sure he was looking forward to the building of the Trump library as yet another way to graft millions of dollars into his own private accounts. Although given how his brand has been undergoing free fall over the last week, he may not be able to raise enough money to set up a lemonade stand much less skim money off the top.

Trump has definitely cemented his place in history, primarily as an caution to future generations. I suspect that there will be more books, accademic articles and dissertations analyzing his presidency than any other presidency since FDR, or possibly even since Lincoln.

Since climate change is an interest of mine, I followed the links to get a better idea of what this was about. The “papers” in question were written by a variety of different authors, and I immediately recognized most of the names. They are notorious climate change deniers who have been plying their trade of lying to the public for many years; collectively, they are a significant source of the disinformation that has polluted the public discourse. Anyone who gives these reprehensible anti-science criminals a voice is as despicable as they are. Just what I would expect from Trump appointees.