The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making Part Deux (Part 1)

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Heh, you thinking this would insult me makes me think you either far more clever or far more stupid than I considered you before.

This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

I was going to post something witty and erudite to counter the shitfuckery that pool has spewed over this thread…but then I thought better of it. I shall leave his cunty glory here without retort…it doesn’t merit one.

I AM ignoring him! I’m just glad you guys aren’t live-quoting him.

I had him on ignore before the move to Discourse. So, he’s pretty much always been like this.

The choice this year is between Biden and Trump. Biden is no saint, but there is no fucking way I’ll vote for a wannabe-dictator. Last time this sort of shit went down the European branch of my family wound up a pile of ashes.

It’s pool’s attempt to discourage voting for Biden in service of the Cult of Trump. Have to wonder what he gets in return for his efforts because being a Trumpist doesn’t seem to get the supporter much of anything other than misinformation and an increased chance of catching covid.

Pro Tip: Covid is not an ultra-rare Pokemon.

I didn’t realize you were so close to Clothahump.

I call it “Herman Cain Syndrome”.

Yeah, see, that’s the sad thing - if you really want a covid for your own you don’t need to join the Trumpists. It’s quite easy to acquire all on its own. [/sarcasm]

One woman accused him of assault, and her claims have been thoroughly discredited.

A few others accused Biden of making them feel uncomfortable with uninitiated physical contact, which he has acknowledged.

There have been a lot of stories similar to these:

Trump is doing what authoritarians do in a market economy. He’s trying to dictate which companies benefit the most in his market. He’s setting up an economy based on rewards. In the long run, if this type of economy succeeds, the rest of us become poorer. American companies become weaker and less competitive.

WHOA! Went to the grocery store early and missed the whole thing. I’m glad.

Considering how long this thread and its parent have been around, this is the first time it’s gone totally off the rails.

I just tried to put him on my Ignore list and he’s not coming up in the search for that, so I guess once someone is suspended they can’t be added. Which is a bloody nuisance, since I really don’t want to read his hatefulness.

I, a life-long libertarian, will gladly join the Democrats in holding the Republicans’ collective heads underwater until the bubbles stop.

After that, we’ll see what happens, but I am contemplating how to pay for UBI.