The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making Part Deux (Part 1)

Yes. Fine. Billy was having affairs. How does this refute holy Republicans of getting other molesters reinstated in the Navy??

Hell I said I’d believe the accusations against both Trump and Clinton several posts back right?

And here are multiple accusations against Joe Biden:

Not exactly the most reliable source there.

I recommend ignoring pool - it’s clear he doesn’t actually care about rape or abuse of women except how he thinks it might help Trump.

Silence, Rape Enabler!

What does any of this have to do with “The Trump Administration” (y’know, the title of this thread)?

Everything you fucking Simp.

He is the living embodiment of a clusterfuck.

Your whore ass trifling Momma!

Bothsiderism. Haven’t seen that in a while.

:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Fuck yourself, right now!

I bet you haven’t seen your dick in a while either.

pool is just full on trolling. Hopefully he continues dropping more turds outside of the Pit, so we won’t have to put up with it much longer…

Don’t need to with you around.

Hah, dumbass troll. Let me rub some wet shit in your hair so you’ll smell as good as you sound.

Well this is certainly a pathetic melt-down. Has pool always been this way, or is this a Saturday night bout of meth psychosis?

There is such a thing as being too much of a troll in the Pit.

Stop sending me videos of your happy endings Tortuga:

He is also doing it in another Pit thread as we speak (Anti-Trader Joe’s…). He be a busy boy reading off that “Scripts for Troll 2.1”.

Callate Mamon

I think your pussy has sealed shut bitch, nobody been paying it any attention.