The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making Part Deux

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ADD here. Things like that, unless I know it’s something I need to remember? will not stick. I will have to keep repeating it to myself to get it to stick, which means less attention to pay to other things. This has been the case since I was a child.

Not everyone’s memory works the same way.

[NB: This doesn’t mean I don’t think Trump is going senile, because I think he is. I’m just saying that not being able to remember 5 words after 10 minutes is a definitive sign when taken in isolation.]

Especially after watching the Seth Myers video, I want to emphasize what Ann_Hedonia said earlier: there is no way anyone gives a patient a list of words to remember where the words are as clearly related as man, person, woman, camera, and TV. I say this as someone who’s administered many, many MOCAs and Folsteins.

As usual, Trump is full of shit (or I suppose psychotic)

Great! I remember ITBS and ITEDs … now I’m stuck trying to recall the speed and accuracy reading tests (you watched a glorified view master as words/sentences/paragraphs flew by at the speed you set it to and then did a ~10- 20 question/answer test (ABCD) for comprehension.)

I hesitate but I think they were called SARs.

“Sculch is junk” – that was the fifth one. Although I now wonder if I’m conflating two different tests or two different years into one, but it was all late 80s when I was in grammar school.

I think the (gah) SaRs was only until 5th grade. ITEDS were changed to ITBS or vice versa late 1980s?

Or maybe I’m just traumatized by thinking back to when the kids had to do these tests. 1999-2018?

You know, we’re almost 4 years into this presidency and I still barely recognize or have any idea of what names like Stone, Ailes, Manafort, Epstein, Flynn mean or represent at all, nor am I interested in finding out. All I know is that they are linked to scandal of some sort.

This Board is about fighting ignorance, not reveling in it. Just sayin’.

Something about repeating those five words that nobody above has emphasized:

You’re given the five words, asked to repeat them immediately, and not warned that you will be asked again later. Then, in between the first time you’re asked to repeat them and the second time, there are several other questions that require your full attention.

I think the problem to count down from 100 by sevens is there. You need to fully concentrate on that to do it. I think there’s also the question in there where you are read a full sentence and have to repeat it.

You have no chance to rehearse the five words silently in your mind while you’re distracted with those other questions, and you’re not given any reason to think you should anyway.

I don’t know if I could repeat the five words after all that distraction.

And it shows…

You know, Stone and Ailes have only been a part of conservative Republican politics since Nixon, so I can understand why you don’t recognize them.
I also can now dismiss any opinions you have about politics because, as you said, you barely have any idea what’s going on.

I mean…Why are you here?

A month and a half between these similar posts, and yet you still have a need to impress us with your ignorance. :nerd_face:

Remember: the Dope never forgets. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Or something like that.


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You bunch a dad gum elitists!!!

I guess one of the prerequisites to fighting ignorance is identifying it, amirite?

Oh, man, I thought that seemed very familiar…

He not only opened his mouth to remove all doubt, he did so twice!