The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making Part Deux

Right, because Congressional oversight doesn’t count if you got an NDA.

We’ll see your NDA and raise you a subpoena.

Yabbut try getting McConnell (or one of his committee chairs) to allow an actual subpoena to go out.

That’s the cliche but I don’t think it’s true.

Historically when the head of a regime is attacked, all of his ministers and courtiers are attacked with him. It wasn’t like Louis was the only one who got guillotined; there were plenty of other heads lying alongside his. So a self-serving power behind the throne knows his position is only as secure at the king’s is. Such a person doesn’t want a bad king on the throne who will draw public outrage.

The other downside of being the power behind the throne is the king can fire a minister but a minister can’t fire the king. The minister might get fired because he’s doing a bad job, because he’s doing too good a job and making the king look bad, because he’s getting too big and the king is starting to worry about being replaced, because he’s taking too big a bite out of the rewards the king feels should be his, or because the king screwed up and needs somebody else to pin the blame on. But in any of these scenarios, a self-serving power behind the throne can see that being the king is a more secure position than being the minister.

So, wait, does that mean he slept with them?

This is what Trump has feared all along, that he’d be prosecuted after he left office. This validates that fear, and you’re right: it’ll just make him dig in that much harder.

So if they don’t do what he wants, he’ll sleep with them again?

I realize this is probably a question nobody in this administration is asking but can the President legally ask anyone to sign a nondisclosure agreement when they’re fulfilling a government contract? Aren’t government reports public information by their nature? (With the exception of classified information but I don’t see how that can apply to a public health report.)

Of course, this particular President has required members of his own family to sign nondisclosure agreements. Think about the implications of that.

Evidently, he defines family the same way Manson did.

And Genovese too.

And they will refuse the subpeona because its in contradiction of their NDA, and then they will be taken to court which will say that their argument is ludicrous, and then they will appeal that decision to a court that also finds their argument ludicrous but they will keep appealing until they find a court with enough Trump appointees to find in their favor or more likely run out the clock.

That’s why the straighforward matter of the Terry Schiavo case went on so long.

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I think it’s relevant here as well, as Trump has been known to publicly proclaim the benefits of this stuff. Turns out it puts your heart out of rhythm and leads to all the fun stuff that follows such as heart attacks, strokes and death? Well, let’s hope Trump is actually taking hydroxychloroquine… you know, for his health.

The Senate turned against Obama and he could do nothing about it.
such is life

All I can say in reply is Amen