The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making

Crazification factor. Plus, you know, the UAE and tax havens must love the Trump admin’s dedication to making the uber rich even richer. That’s just piles of green making it to their markets.

ETA : then of course you’ve got the 213% of Russia’s population registering to opine on the poll…

I’m pretty sure it’s a play on words, aka a joke.

What cast the whole thing into doubt is when the doctor said that he told him that if he had started eating healthy and exercising 20 years ago, then he could live to be 200.

I was a bit skeptical of this doctor before that, but that statement left me baffled. It is not something that a serious doctor would say, even as a joke, but especially not on the record to reporters.

jasg was riffing on Trump’s “some people have been saying” way of lying.

Well, can you imagine the kind of load a bird that size could drop?

General John Kelly is one of them, apparently. He and Stephen Miller are the two immigration hard liners that Trump listens to.

Flat Earth is a ridiculous idea. If the world was flat, cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now.

The cats are in on it. It’s the only explanation that make sense.

If he was lying, he’d be lying and making himself shorter. No one does that.

Ah, but what if Obama is so devious he is trying to make Trump look shorter… :D. (We all know Trump would never lie about being 6’ 3" )

I hope this is for some tactical reason and not because you think DACA is more important than CHIP…?!?

Ha! This is a very, very clever bit of snark. Obama was blessed with the perfect predecessor, and (knock on wood) so will be some Democrat in 2021.


Some sort of vodka cocktail?

I’m annoyed at Lorne Michaels for his propping up of the ‘Don Jr. is a smart guy who’s kind to the mentally disabled’ myth, by repeatedly okaying the “Don Jr. and Eric” sketches on Saturday Night Live.

That unearned, false image–that Don Jr. is a smart guy–has been sold to millions, through repetition on that very popular show.

Kurt Eichenwald just retweeted this, though there’s no formal documentation for it:
My friend at the German Foreign Office:
"There’s a betting pool that includes the Swiss & Austrian State Depts. re. #davos2018

After Trump arrives:

  1. Amount of time till first lie
  2. Time till he embarrasses himself
  3. Same for the USA

Shortest bet: 60 seconds
Pot is € 6,558"

When does the clock start? I mean, from when the wheels touch down it’s gonna take Air Force One at least a couple minutes to taxi in and park.

Is this a whoosh?

If anything, SNL portrays Don Jr. as a barely effective spin doctor. He may be smarter than Eric, but in the sense that he’s not a complete idiot, but still an idiot.

If we turf him out, we (as the electorate) should get them.

I’d make my kid let me write it. I’d have fun with it.

Dear Mr President Trump
I want to be just like you when I grow up. and you are my roll- model. I am the smartist kid in my school. SCHOOL is BAD and SAD!! “ The teachers” spread lies in their Fake News conferences and FAKE NEWS report cards. They say I FAIL and they never talk GOOD NEWS!! No one ever talks about tornados have not hit the school because of ME!! No witches either, but I never get credit.

The worst “FAKE teacher” is Mrs Ceci Ennine. Someone needs to grab her pussy and run her over with a train. I think she is a Moslem or at least knows some.

All the “Fake News Teachers” obbcessed with the Rival Middle School Football scandal. Its a total nothing burgar. The president of their football team is very cool and almost as smart as me, so I let him into the coach’s office to copy the playbooks. I want him to like me. He is a winner anyway, our team is weak and lame because of the “teachers” and “fake coach’s”
But Ceci Ennine keeps saying I should be suspended and that I’m guilty of COLLUSION. That is more Fake News - NO COLLUSION !!! Everyone knows that!
Mr President, I am asking you to investigate “FAKE SCHOOL” and CeCi Ennine. They are colluding with my parents to punish me and you should have your special police come get her and ship her to Mexico. I think she is a Democrat.

Your Biggist Fan
Hugh Jass

He can tweet.