The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making

Who would have thought someone could make me nostalgic for Dubya?

Hell, who would have thought someone could make me nostalgic for friggin’ Harding?

That’s FAKE NEWS, Trump doesn’t wear a bathrobe!

I know this because, incredibly, that’s actually a paraphrase of something Trump himself stated recently.

In other bathrobe related matters, Vanity Fair has declared the bathrobe “over for men” due to the accumulated tales of Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner, Charlie Rose, and Harvey Weinstein. Men, take note!

PS: From that link we learn that Sean Spicer once actually officially denied that Trump had ever worn a bathrobe!

I hate to chain post, but I just have to direct link this image from the same link.

Fake picture!

Trump is making me yearn for the forthright and steadfast honesty of Richard Nixon for fuck’s sake!*

*(Only, you understand, by comparison. At least Nixon could lie reasonably well.)

Hefner’s getup wasn’t really a bathrobe, though, was it? I thought it was a “smoking jacket”, a garment slightly more formal - more in the vein of “loungewear” than the full-length bathrobe made from towel-like material that’s essentially designed to be a full-body towel for immediately after showering/bathing.

True, although he wore it with no shirt underneath, making it awfully close to being a fancy bathrobe.

I’m not bothered by those “sketches” (is that what you call a bit on Weekend Update?) but I think “a smart guy who’s kind to the mentally disabled” is a fair description of the way Donald Trump Jr. is portrayed in them.

How about one for his (not connected to this maladministration) successor and one for Mueller?

At least Nixon had some shame. And he fully staffed the government.

Nixon was also intelligent enough to lie consistently and have a clear goal he was trying to attain.

From WaP’s article:

Higbie’s apparently not alone either:

I don’t actually recall Hoekstra’s apology, but who cares at this point.

Anyone who denies that this administration is loaded with bigots is in denial. It might be the most racist administration since Woodrow Wilson’s.

I think you’re forgetting that Trump is not only not racist, he is the least racist person you will ever meet. That is very unracist. It’s as unracist as you can possibly get!

Well, looking at asahi’s post, he may well be the least racist person in his administration.

Nixon acted like a grown-up in public and confined his expletive-filled rants and ramblings to the Oval Office.

Except for the missing 18 minutes when he kept pushing things off his desk and getting Henry Kissinger to pick them up.

Good point!

He may be the best looking person in the leper colony!

The Valedictorian of summer school even!