The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making

Galveston’s finest ballerina.

Just a more expensive bath robe? :smiley:

He was also a LOT more competent, for all his faults.

Why didn’t he just get a cat to do it for him? :cool:

Actually, probably not.

I hate that I know this, but he often wore a silky pajama shirt under it. That doesn’t make it any less a fancy bathrobe.

I was going by this photo, where it doesn’t look like there’s anything underneath; but just now I looked for some more pics and you are right: most of the time he had a fancy shirt underneath.

The porn star says he chased her around in his tighty whities.

Now I need brain bleach.

If they were tighty whiteys on her, imagine how they look on him.

More bleach, anyone?

Nixon was a cat?!?
Sigh… ninja’d by SteveG1, alas.

Trump just called Chuck Shumer to the White House to try to negotiate a deal on the budget. I do wonder if any mention of his anti-Shumer tweets will come up.

The budget, or the CR?

The budget, from what I read.

Huh. I would have thought Senator Schumer would have more urgent matters on his plate today…

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking, so I’ll say that he met with Trump in an attempt to find a deal to avert the shutdown which is looming because of the imminent expiration of the CR that is a temporary appropriations patch, which many people are likely to refer to as “the budget.”

What’s more important than trying to prevent the government from shutting down?

That’s very cryptic… is there another scandal we don’t know about yet?

I think Kayla’s Dad is implying that Schumer meeting with Trump would be a complete waste of time, so he might as well do something constructive.

No, what I’m implying is that I thought the CR and the budget would be distinct topics. I appear to have been mistaken.

I think Schumer should present Trump with a fiddle he can play on the roof of the White House at midnight, teach him to play Dixie…