The Trump Administration: A Clusterfuck in the Making

Yeah; he’s portrayed as being of at least an average level of both intelligence, and personal decency.

And neither assessment seems to correspond with the reality.

I wonder if all, or most, of these people were recommended for appointments in this administration by the Heritage Foundation?

(Clearly Trump hasn’t bestirred himself to find anyone, so it has to be someone else digging them up.)

Yes. They also compiled the list from which Trump selected Gorsuch for SCOTUS. Though it should be noted that the original list did not contain Gorsuch’s name. The list was amended to include Gorsuch after he was recommended. By the Mercers.

Well, I could buy that Trump is of average intelligence (albeit mingled with a number of negative personality traits). I just wouldn’t get why it would be desirable to have a person of average intelligence be the fucking President. What’s with this Harrison Bergeron shit, already?

I could buy that Trump (Sr) was once of average-or-even-slightly-better intelligence, but no way in hell can I buy he’s that smart now - he clearly suffers from massive public lapses of memory and cognitive function. I also can’t buy that he’s 6’3", or that he’s 239lbs. There’s very little that that turdbucket says about himself that I’d believe, actually.

On the other hand I have no opinions whatsoever about Trump Jr, who was the Trump being discussed.

I just want to applaud the nod to Harrison Bergeron.

Those are some very creepy people.

And one wonders why, given the way the racists have been encouraged by November 2016 and its aftermath, the Heritage Foundation doesn’t drop the pretense, and simply add “White” to the forefront of their name.

I acknowledge my error.

Too right.

In my opinion, every American who calls him or herself a patriot owes a duty to research just how far and deep those Koch tentacles reach. They are literally everywhere: Cato Institute, Americans for Prosperity, American Enterprise Institute, Heritage Foundation, Club for Growth and so many others.

This is in addition to their private charitable foundations that contribute massively to organizations over which they then exert their influence, such as the NRA, the Federalist Society, the Institute for Justice (sic) and again, many others.

They funded the Tea Party. They fund – or don’t fund – campaigns as they choose, exerting tremendous influence over the election process.

They’ve been playing a long game and I think they, along with their oligarch buddies, believe this is their moment. Now that Republicans have achieved their masters’ smash 'n grab tax cuts, the money will flow freely to fund campaigns in November and beyond.

IMHO, knowing which politicians and entities are doing Koch bidding is extremely critical to making good, informed decisions in casting our votes.

It’s a confusing topic, and Congress doesn’t exactly make it easy!

Me neither, so I felt compelled to look up some photographic evidence.

In this pic from the GOP debate he’s clearly much shorter than Jeb Bush, who is listed as 6’3" according to Google.

And in this pic standing next to Obama he’s roughly the same height as Obama (maybe a bit shorter given their hairstyles) and Obama is listed as 6’1".

So yeah, he’s definitely overstating his height by 2-3 inches.

Indeed, Americans should also bone up on this father and daughter tag team.

Paywalled - a couple snippets -

Maybe he measured his height on a good hair day.

He has those?

Interestingly, the Kochs and the Mercers don’t especially like each other, but it appears they have set aside their differences to the extent they’re happy to keep their grubby paws on the levers of power for as long as the American people allow them to do it.

The Mercers fund the opposition candidate, a fellow named Art Robinson, to my representative in the House, Peter DeFazio, every election. Robinson loses every time, but I learned that the Mercers have a back-up plan for him. They want him to be the Chief Science Advisor for the Trump “administration.”

Some things Art Robinson believes:

He’s the author of the Oregon Petition, a fake document often touted as the petition signed by “scientists” who don’t believe in climate change, such as the Spice Girls’ Geri Halliwell, Charles Darwin and I. C. Ewe. He of course believes that climate change is a hoax.

He believes humans will develop an “immunity” to the adverse effects of nuclear radiation by sprinkling small amounts of nuclear waste on people from the air.

He has collected literally thousands of human urine samples, believing they hold the key to extending the human life span. Many Oregonians have been happy to mail him additional samples for his collection every election cycle.

The Mercers love this guy.

Think in terms of altitude.

I should’ve qualified, in my previous post:

Sure, like rubbing a towel back and forth between one’s legs, with the towel being the resulting definition, if that’s what this insidery insider* meant.

*Of course another gutless Breitbarter, probably telling Mayer, on the phone, “duuuurr I forgot my name, bye.”

Yikes - I’ve never heard of this before. (and probably should have)
I could see Pruitt trying to sneak extra signatures (if it’s at some convention or town hall or something) when no one’s looking. He just stands there looking askance, totally skeevy, just waiting…waiting…and boom - quickly jots his name again.

This is our first shutdown viewed closeup. We were in Bangkok for the others. Fortunately we’re in a position where it’s not going to directly affect us too much. The wife’s immigration matters are all up to date. I don’t need my passport renewed anytime soon. No government payments that could be suspended. Not a government employee, so no furlough. No plans to visit a national park too soon (although we do have plans for March). But we feel for those who are going to be inconvenienced to any extent.

Say, if this lasts long enough, could it effectively cancel tax day in April?

So the Republicans shut down government to prevent children from getting health care. And to kick out people that have been here for years. What a lovely bunch they are.

And to not let the military get paid … The Dems had a provision or resolution (whatever you call it), so the military (that the Repubs love so much and beat everyone over the head with so much) would get paid. McConnell and the Repubs shot that down too. Meanwhile expect Trump to keep sabotaging.

Trump apparently thinks the Women’s March is in support him.
“Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March. Get out there now to celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the last 12 months. Lowest female unemployment in 18 years!”