The Trump Sandwich

(Props to Windsor sandwich shop!)

White Bread,

Full of Bologna,

Leaning up against the sandwich on all sides: a single layer of Mexican tortilla chips, (a wall effectively!)

And a side of Russian dressing!

(You know you want one now!)


Looks like they forgot the bullshit :wink:

Ham topped with thin orange cheese that doesn’t quite cover up the meat, and with a price that will bankrupt you.

Don’t forget about the tiny pickle.

and Trump lives on…I wanna see that hair change to gray like the rest of the presidents after they reach the end of their terms!

It’s the greatest BLT in the world. It’s huuuuge.

Ingredients: A can of 30 weight oil poured over a Milky Way bar.

(Over the next 2 days his spin doctors will point out that oil on a candy bar can be seen as a sandwich and Trump didn’t explicitly say what “BLT” stood for. Followed by Trump saying it was sarcasm.)

Wait… its not tiny-finger-food?

Trump sandwich? It’s all filler, no substance. You can eat the whole damn thing and you’ll still be hungry.

Doh! I can’t believe I forgot the little pickle, sticking up ! Apologies!

(I’m very much enjoying all the suggestions too!)

Cut into tiny triangles for tiny hands to hold.

I would go with an orange slice on bull fat with ramen noodles that are all along one side of the sandwich but folded over the top of the bread. And when the sandwich is served you get a blast of hot air.

I’m going to go with the sandwich I named for my late friend Jack, who had a preference to variety meats – Tongue in a Bun.

As with everything Trump, a two wordreview sums it up.

Shit on a shingle, with a side of dainty lady fingers.

I think it should have vegetarian bologna. It’s not a real hero if the meat has been caught.

Link to a Huffpo article, which includes a picture and stuff about his supporters giving reviews. (And a stupid auto-playing video.)

There was another sandwich earlier this year at a different place, in Burlington, apparently. It’s bologna on white bread, filled with BS (bacon slices) with lettuce, tomato, and deli mustard. The owner reassures Trump that there will be no spicy mustard, that they had built a wall around it.

The owner also put out a tip jar for both Bernie and Trump, asking people to put money in the one they support. As of the article, they got $120 in the Sanders jar, and $6.70 in the Trump jar.

And you have to eat it with a knife and fork. No Exceptions!

I’m stealing and nominating one from “The Jeffersons.” The Trump sandwich would be, “Cold Tongue on Toast”!