The Truth About Mythbusters

I hate to just post a link to a picture, but since one picture is worth a thousand words, here. :smiley: (Its so true, but sadly not the nude photos of Kari we’ve all been hoping for. :()


It seems our boys are making a comeback soon.

ETA: sorry; unclear. I have heard that Disney will be “relaunching” the Muppets soon. And, by the way, your observation is SO true. I’ll never look at Jamie and Adam again.

That made me snort. Good thing my roomates aren’t here.

Indeed they are- after a bunch of entertaining viral videos and a semi-entertaining Disney Channel special (with another in a few weeks), the Muppets are set for a comeback, starting with a new Christmas special in November. The New York Times has more.

As for nude photos of Kari…can goats use cameras?

I saw that one just yesterday and had to shake my head. It was so obvious for so long, and I had never seen the truth until then.

Speaking of Mythbusters, I always thought they should find a spot for Jamie’s long lost twin.

You sir, owe me a new keyboard, a new monitor, and a new bottle of snapple ice tea.

You know, I hate to say it, but it bugs me - why would they even think that Kari flashing would get the goats to faint (yeh, yeh, yeh, I know, Tori fell down - come on, she was probably wearing a bikini).
Unless you are insinuating that Mythbusters would go for the cheap laughs… :eek:

Here’s a more recent Mythbusters takeoff: