The Tubadiva Appreciation Thread, Redux

A continuation of this thread: and a prefatory note: if you want to be negative, take it elsewhere.

Tuba, I expect that, to say the least, you are feeling a bit out of sorts at the moment, so I’d just like to try to cheer you up a bit, and I expect that quite a few other dopers might want to join in.

For years now your passion, compassion, and determination have shone through. When I think of what the SDMB is about, and who is at its soul, you are one of a handful of people who come to mind.

We all make slips occasionally, and sometimes the consequences can be harsh, but it is not the slips that define one’s character: it is the striving for being one’s best, for building and nurturing a community, and for truly caring about the members of that community that are far more telling.

At your heart, you have always been there for the SDMB community, and for this I thank you. I deeply and sincerely thank you.

Richard Culpeper

I performed a volunteer job for a long time (Pacifica Radio Disc Jockey, 8 years) and I know all too well about the dedication it takes to get through folks “punishing” you for volunteering your time and effort. I am quite sure that you have VERY strong feelings for this place and you have been instrumental (bad pun!) in the operation of this “loony bin escapee meeting place”. I renewed my subscription early today in a show of support for you and I know that a bunch of other folks did too.

Thank you, you Rock!


Tuba has always been there for folks, and nine times out of ten, with a kind word to boot.

I was deployed to the Middle East this past year during that period when the SDMB was going “pay-to-play”. One quick explanatory note to Tuba, and life was good.

I don’t know the details about the whole brouhaha, but I don’t care. People sometimes make mistakes. Tuba’s good work has far exceeded any line drawn in anyone’s sandbox.

Thanks Jenny!

I just wanted to chime in on the support for Tuba Diva.


Take those colors I sent ya. Wrap it around yer shoulders. That’s me giving you a hug.

I’ve got your back . . .

TubaDiva, you have been and are a class act. :slight_smile:

Glad you did this, Muffin. Jenny, all of us who have been around this place for a long time know and appreciate all you’ve done – drag back up that old thread and re-read it.

And hon? You’re only human – you’re allowed to make mistakes. (Somebody said that somewhere before, I think.)

sending warm thoughts and hugs your way –


Anyone who can play the tuba is a friend o’ mine!
It’s really such a misunderstood instrument.

I’ve had very little interaction with Tuba, but I remember one instance where she handled the concerns I was having well and I am grateful to her for it.

On a side note, for what it’s worth, I learned first-hand that Tuba (and all of the rest of the board staff) really do limited access to personal information of message board members. It was somewhat of a surprise to me when I learned this, but it’s true.

I should say, “really do have limited access . . .”

Are you saying banned posters shouldn’t have been? They presumably made mistakes. That said, I haven’t been here long enough to know the admins, so a shout out to Tuba also.

I like you Tuba and I wouldn’t have your job, even if it came with a 401K, a corner office and decent health insurance. I look forward to your return.

I don’t post much, but I read quite a bit. I’m what you’d call The Ultimate Lurker. Much more than you’d even figure. I’ve been here long before I registered, and I’ll be here after I re-register, even if I’m never more than a blip on the radar.

I’m here to offer support to TubaDiva, although it may not mean anything. We’re here for you and I know I appreciate all you’ve done for this place. You just have no idea.

I appreciate all the moderators and administrators. They are why we have such a magnificent board. They keep it all humming along. I, for one, appreciate our mod/admin overlords…to coin a phrase.

TubaDiva, you go, girl. :slight_smile:

Tuba’s good people. The world needs more like her.

We’re here for you, Tuba.

Getting banned isn’t an easy thing, and some banned posters have been reinstated, although not very often.

TubaDiva, you’ve got a tough job and you do it well. There’s no way I’d want to walk into some of the fire fights you’ve not only walked into, but put out. Hang in there, lady!


I may have a pretty low post count, but I’ve been around for a number of years on the boards and I have also seen TubaDiva lay the magical touch.

Thank you for your hard work, if you’re ever in Atlanta, let me buy you a drink.

No, Egg, you infer what was not implied. (JFTR, I have strained my cred. with the staff a few times by arguing for the reinstatement of several people who were Banned in Boarddom.) I addressed my remark to TubaDiva because that’s who I meant to reassure with it. I would discuss with you my opinion on other situations to which you allude if it were not among the few topics we’re told to avoid here, for good reason.

I recently had an interaction with TUBADiva about a thread I wanted to clear with the admins before starting it, and even though she nixed it, she did so in a very polite, professional, and reassuring way. I’ve always appreciated Jenny.

A well moderated board is a thing of beauty (as all who’ve been to poorly moderated boards know). I appreciate all of our Mods and Administrators – including, most emphatically, TubaDiva.