The Ultimate Argument for Gay Marriage

I’m actually not trying to make this a debate or anything, which is why it’s in MPSIMS.

But who can argue with this logic…?

I am really looking forward to the day my SO asks me to marry him and I say yes.
We are **never ** **never ** going to birth our own children. We may adopt one day.

Gay people can’t even hope for that. What if my SO just happened to be female and we were gay? I would be hoping she would stay with me and that woul dbe all I couold hope for.

Who am I to deny them the very thing that my heart longs for?

How is this fair?

That is all.

Have a good weekend, all. See you Monday.

Cool. An incoherent post thread. I’ll play.

I’m glad my daughters aren’t gay (or particularly lively) because if they were we’d never get the grand-hamsters of our dreams, and they couldn’t adopt the wolverine we’re looking for in the high end stroller we’ve preserved in bronze for them ever since they stopped using it, when they got their drivers licenses.

But even so, I’m against the proposed constitutional amendment banning relationships among wombats, sasquatches, and fruitbats - there are some things you just have to leave to the states, and the state courts, and the state basketball teams.

The OP makes sense to me, and describes pretty well what decided me in favor of gay marriage.

I want to someday fall in love, get married, and spend the rest of my life with someone. This is widely seen as a normal, healthy desire, shared by perhaps the majority of people on earth. As a heterosexual male, I of course want to marry a woman. But when I imagine, what if I had these same feelings except that either my feelings were oriented toward men, or that they were directed at women as they in fact are but that I myself was female?

But this is an emotional argument, not a purely logical one. A logical argument based on your feelings and heart-longings is hardly unassailable.

I do not understand why people want to get married, it’s not an institution with any appeal for me. But I see no reason to deny gay folks an equal shot at making themselves miserable. I only hope this doesn’t result in a decline for support for the rights of nonmarried-but-coupled people. (Most of the concessions and considerations have been won by gay folks and we unmarried straights just reap the benefits and have done damn little to earn them, I must confess)

I am very confused here. Gay people can adopt kids. I know many who have, and the issue of marriage vs. not marriage didn’t come into play.

I am in favor of gay marriage, BTW. I just don’t understand this “ultimate argument”.