The ultimate fixer-upper?

It is an eye-catching real estate listing.

I couldn’t help but notice how much the front foyer view (photo #21) resembles that of Candyland in Django Unchained, though ultimately in a bit better shape.

*Franklin TN is the site of the first lynching of a Jewish man in the U.S. (8/15/1868).

So…the listing is really for the property?

I assume the home needs to be demolished. So, there’s a big cost. Then a new home built so…another big cost.

I have no idea if this is a bad deal though. The property does look really nice.

I assume the buyer is essentially buying just the land and outbuildings, and would almost certainly tear down the mansion and build new.

But I have to ask, what is a 4 1/2 car garage? I know in real estate speak a half bath is just a toilet and sink, no tub or shower. But I’ve never seen a half garage in a real estate listing before.

I think the 0.5 car part can be considered as just extra space for a workbench or bikes and so on.

I’ve seen that or phrases like extra deep garage.

Our house has a half garage. It’s a spot big enough for another car, but has no garage door (does have a window), and is intended perhaps to be used as a workshop or storage, or converted to an extra room.

A friend of mine built a 3 1/2 car garage. Room for three cars and a workshop with just a man door. Also a storage attic above the whole shebang.

He only has two cars, so when we go to visit during winter weather, he opens the third garage door from his home and we park inside!

I think it’s the house you move into when you had 9 cars but got divorced.