The University of Kentucky says "oopsie!" a half million times

Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there!


Quickly corrected and all that, but still funny. Imagine if sometime in June the admissions folks suddenly realized “wow; we’re getting a lot of dorm room applications from incoming freshman this year” or “wow; we’re gonna need a lot more freshman orientation leaders this summer! Like, several thousand more!”

The college I taught at made this same mistake, but once they saw how great it was for their bottom line, decided they’d just… keep all the students. … :no_mouth: … Now, it wasn’t on the same scale (just our three design programs), but we were scrambling.

Suddenly they needed someone who could get along with and deal with and motivate students who really had no business being in college yet…

… oh, I see you guessed the ending.

Yep, I was a lowly part-timer who got pulled off all his usual classes and put on “Beginning-But-It’s-Actually-Remedial Computer Graphics” and “Illustration for Kids Who Just Want To Draw Horsies”.

But, hey, the school’s screwup meant I got bumped up to full time. And thanks to a great dean and union steward, I stayed full time. For the next twenty years 'til I retired.

I can hardly wait for some Karen & her male-Karen husband to sue since their pwecious child “was pwomised a place at UK.”

A 10,000:1 oversubscription is interesting. They can’t really have had that many applicants to that particular program, can they? Or did they just spam some mailing list of high schoolers they’d bought for some other reason?