The upcoming "Spider-Man" movie

It has a promising cast:

Tobey Maguire (Pleasantville, The Ice Storm, The Cider House Rules) as Peter Parker/Spider-Man (plus a few stunt-men, heh!)

Kirsten Dunst as Mary-Jane Watson

Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborne/The Green Goblin

It has a director (Sam Raimi) capable of making good, comic-book-style films (The Evil Dead, Darkman, Army of Darkness), but will go over-the-top when he shouldn’t (The Quick and the Dead).

It has a composer known for his scores for other comic-book adaptations, Danny Elfman (Batman, Batman Returns, Batman: The Animated Series, Dick Tracy, Men in Black).

Special visual effects are being handled by John Dykstra.

The only part that has me worried is that four writers are credited (more than two writers is usually a bad sign in Hollywood) and one of them is David Koepp, whose quality is erratic at best (Jurassic Park 1 & 2; Mission Impossible, The Shadow).

I can say one thing, though: They got the costume right. Spider-Man won’t be swinging around in black leather like The X-Men did.

Oh, one other thing: The movie is not scheduled to be released until next May 3. (Is it too early to excited about it?)

From what I’ve heard Sam Raimi (who also directed the original Darkman) is a fan of Spider-Man and is trying to stay true to the comic (hence getting the costume right). With the exception of Quick and the Dead I’ve liked Raimi as a director. My only worry is the screenplay.

Either way, as a comic book collector and Spider-Man fan since I was 5 years old, I’ll try to get to the theater on opening day for this one.

But NEXT MAY?! WTF?! I’d heard it was going to be released this summer. Dammit, I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out since the first rumors about it in the mid 90’s had James Cameron (pre-Titanic) in line to direct.

I have liked pretty much everything I have heard about the upcoming Spider-Man movie. The organic web shooters worried me at first, but Raimi had an explanation that soothed my worries, and made me realize he had the best interests of the story at heart. (Although, I would have preferred not to have organic web shooters, and to back to Peter Parker inventing them.)

This site has as a lot of great information, and gossip about the upcoming movie. Watch out for spoilers.

Yes, I too remember the Cameron rumors. At the time, I thought he would be perfect. He had just made T2 and the morphing technology employed in that film would have been perfect for Venom. Who was the most popular Spider-Man foe at that time. As it is, I am glad Raimi is in there. I even liked the Quick and The Dead.


For wildly varying degrees of ‘right’…

The classic red/blue costume is barely tolerable on paper. (The black/Venom costume could have been workable.) On a real person it’s just dumb. (Especially with the raised ‘web’ design.)

Why can’t film people get it through their heads that comic book superhero costumes just don’t translate to live action? (Actually, the people who made X-Men DID realise this, and even made fun of it in the dialogue (The best line in the movie ‘What, would you prefer yellow spandex?’).)

(Actually, I know why…because if they even dare try to change the costumes the fans will be in an uproar, preferring stupid-looking but matching the comic book costumes to good looking but original to the film.)

What Tengu said. The first thought I had when I looke at that site was “Why are they showing scenes from that lame ass 70’s Spider Man TV show?”

The X Men look in the movie was excellent. It captured the original idea of team uniforms, while looking like something you’d actually see a uniformed group wearing.

For Spiderman, I think a simple black suit would have been much better.

As it is, with Raimi at the helm, I figure the movie will be fun.

Wait just a minute…and I’ll probably be exposing myself as the comic book junkie that I am, but I just gotta say…

They’re making the GREEN GOBLIN the main villain, but they don’t have GWEN STACY in the storyline? Something stinks, guys, something stinks…

Still, I’ll be first in line to see it. Sam Raimi is one of the only guys I’d trust to handle this one.

But no Gwen?! C’mon, guys, this was the milestone moment of the entire saga that IS Spider-Man!

I’m willing to cut them some slack on that. It was a huge moment in the Spider-Man continuity, but I can see why a studio most likely hoping for a franchise wouldn’t want to kill off a major character three movies into it. Peter ends up with Mary Jane anyway, so they can go ahead and skip that for now. Besides, the Green Goblin was a major Spidey villian well before Gwen Stacey’s death.

Maybe they’ll introduce her and kill her off in the sequel.

Well, I guess I’ll be the one to say it.

Having The Green Goblin as the main character is going to draw unfavorable comparisons between this movie and Batman. Dafoe’s performance will be compared to Nickleson’s as The Joker. I think Doctor Octopus (Sans the crappy costume) or even Kingpin would have been a better choice.
Also, “organic web shooters?” That’s disappointing. One of the things I’ve always liked about Spiderman is that he’s a science geek who frequently wins his battles through his knowlage of chemistry. I hope that they’ll leave at least some part of that in the movie.

Okay, if they gave him the ability to make his own webs (and don’t get me wrong, I believe they did), then why the hell are they giving him mechanical ones too? (About 4-5 pictures down. That’s a “pumpkin bomb” under it, btw.)

sigh I miss E3…

Preview preview preview…

I revive this thread so I can tell you that the trailers are now available online. You need Quicktime. Trailer 1 is just CGI spider-webs and hardly worth watching. In Trailer 2, Spidey stops some bank robbers who are fleeing by helicopter and ends with some terrific shots of Spidey swinging through Manhattan. The high res version of Trailer 2 takes up 21 mb., so be careful!

It looks promising.

May 2002. Just in time to be flattened by Star Wars: Episode II. I thought they liked this movie?

Correction: you don’t need Quicktime, although I vastly prefer the format myself. Spider-Man Hype has the trailer available in Quicktime, Windows Media Player, and RealPlayer in a variety of resolutions for your downloading pleasure.

A big ol’ spider web spun between buildings??

I think that’s Mitch Pileggi (A.D. Skinner on X-Files) in the helicopter.

Spiderman’s costume looks FABULOUS.

I wonder if Spider-Man will say, “Spider sense tingling” out loud or just kind of think about it. The squiggly lines would be an added bonus…

::runs away::

Interesting promo, but it doesn’t make me want to go see it.

I think, seriously, the heyday, if there was one, of comic-book superhero films has passed. The superman movies, in their time, were good. Batman went from cool to pathetic overblown farce. I enjoyed the X-Men movie, but shudder to think what will turn out in the sequels …

Colourful costume or jet black nouveau duds, I think Spiderman will bomb. Badly. Feel free next May to cat-call if I’m wrong.

Tengu wrote:

This is a war without winners. And you know who gets hurt the worst? The children.

Sealemon88 wrote:

Personally, I think exaggerating the costume lines was a clever way to deal with the inherent problem of translating the super hero costume into a live action medium. It maintains a comic book sleekness, while still looking real. Compare them side-by side, and tell me if you honestly think it deserves to be compared to the 70’s costume:

Jester wrote:

Hold onto your seat, true believer, because the revisionist historians behind Ulitimate Spider-Man are writing Gwen Stacy out of the picture. They’ve also turned Uncle Ben into a hippie, and have tied the Green Goblin’s origin story to the same experiment that gave Spider-Man his powers.

Nerd-sense, tingling!

Am I the only one who thinks the main trailer looks pretty crappy? I saw it on TV so it wasn’t a low qaulity MPEG or something I was looking at. The special effects looked pretty sub-par and faker than usual. All in all, makes me want to see the movie less.

According to Mr. Rilch (and the IMDB for good measure), Pileggi isn’t in the film.