The Urinal Test

In Is There Any Chance That These Guys Aren’t Gay? Rhythmdvl linked to The Urinal Test, which is a test about urinal etiquette.

Take the test and see what you got. - No cheating! Take the test before you read anything else. Women can take the test, too. Just answer based on what you imagine is appropriate urinal etiquette.

Discussion below:

[spoiler]I scored 4 out of 6, which is apparently enough for me to be accepted by society. The ones I missed were #s 5 and 6. I can clearly see why I missed #6- I failed to think outside the box and simply not select any of the urinals. I don’t quite understand why I missed #5. I picked urinal 1 because it would limit the amount of guys I had to stand next to, but apparently that wasn’t correct. Maybe I was supposed to have picked urinal 4 because definitely being trapped in the corner by a guy is worse than potentially being between two. But in that case urinals 3 and 4 should have been acceptable.

No, I can’t sleep. Why do you ask?[/spoiler]

Too late to edit - just continuing the thought from my spoilered thoughts:

But if that’s the case, why couldn’t you also pick urinals 3 and 4 in the final question?

Good question. Had it been just one unused urinal the obvious answer is “use the sitting down area”, but in this I case think you could use either of them.

I missed the same ones you did, which I feel just proves I’m a woman.


But I’m a man, baby.

Yeah, I saw that over in the other thread, and popped right on up to the urinal to try it!

I was (dare I say it? yeah…) cocksure, absolutely certain that with my intuitive mind I would safely pass for a fella. Nope. Got an embarrassing 2 out of 6, with them suggesting that I probably was female. OUTED!

I’m going to go sit and ponder this now.

To be honest, I didn’t expect anyone to get less than 4 out of 6. Which ones did you miss? What was your reasoning behind your incorrect answers?

There was no option for forming a line behind the guy in the #1 spot and singing “I’m a little teapot.”

Frankly, I don’t care which one to go to. The whole thing is silly in the extreme.

:mad: Take the spot next to mine and I’ll pee on your leg!

I call bullshit. If urinal 4 is the correct answer to #5, then either available urinal should be an acceptable answer to #6. In both cases you’re just forming a line of 3, and not “pairing off” with anyone.

4/6, by the way.

2 to of 6. That means the test is incorrect 4 out of 6 times! I don’t know who made up this test but if he stood by me in a bathroom I wouldn’t be surprised if he started talking about his feelings.

I got 2/6. But the major issue the test writer is ignoring that NOT CARING is the malest reaction of all.

The way it works? Go to the urinal, whip it out, shake it, zip, and walk away. No eye contact, no discussion.

Bonus points for whistling loudly or continuing a phone conversation.

I disagree with the answer to question 5. Stall 4 adds to the discomfiture of the guy in 5, since he’s now sandwiched. Stall 1 leaves the two of you no worse placed than the 5-6 pair. :cool:

5 out of 6. Totally disagree with the last one. If it’s so jam-packed that 4 of the 6 urinals are being used, then I’m guessing it’s busy enough that people are constantly coming into the restroom. (E.g. ballpark, major roadside rest area, truck stop, or tourist spot like Buc-ees.) You will get more unwanted attention being “that guy loitering near the urinal” than by just going up, finishing your business, and leaving. Moreover, how do you stop someone behind you from jumping in line?

All this assumes that all of the toilet stalls are already filled, of course.

I heard on tv that the end stall is usually the msot clean so thats why I chose it. I got a 1.

I disagree. Using a phone at the urinal is an admission that your member does not require two hands.

Outstanding! 5 out of 6 (I too didn’t think that not answering was an option). Not bad for a lady type, hey?

No! No talking or other noise making! Farts are allowed, however.

4/6 I missed the last two.

I think it’s better to take an end urinal next to someone then a middle urinal next to someone. That logic means that you never want to be the first guy to pair up since you will then be in the middle of two which is a much worse situation.

The correct answer to 6 was to go piss in a stall but since there wasn’t a button for that I just picked the one closest to the door, assuming 1 is closest to the door. Hanging around in the bathroom when there is an open urinal is just awkward and unacceptable.