The Very Immature Poll: Best butt in the entertainment industry?

Who has the best butt in the entertainment industry? Male and female entries are welcome. Humans preferred, but if there is a non-human animal who’s rear you just can’t stop thinking about, then just do what you think is right.

My vote: Paige Davis. I find no photos of her backside that can be linked to. Sorry.

Who do you nominate?

Humphrey Bogart. The cigarette butt hanging from his lip influenced everyone who wanted to look cool when he smoked.


That has got to be the most unique answer to this question that I’ve ever heard. I’m going to have to remember this one.

Jennifer Aniston. As long as I’ve got a face, she’s got a place to sit.

Adult entertainment, or mainstream?

Kylie Minogue has the best micro-butt in the universe.

Jennifer Lopez has this wrapped up, no question. Baby got back and then some more.

JLo and Salma Hayek have my votes. Round=good. Beyonce also comes in somewhere in the top 10.


Brad Pitt and Jack LaLanne


Oh, well in that case, Sophie Sweet (aka Sophie Moone).

Jennifer Lopez. Sometimes the plebeians are right. :wink:

Third women from the left in a rap video I saw a few days ago.

Second from the right was a very close runner-up.

No Contest.

Kari Wuhrer

Beyonce Knowles gotta phat ass yo!

This one is easy. The best butt definitely belongs to fitness model Tina Rigdon. Here’s a link – she’s wearing tight shorts, it’s not nude or even close to it but it’s definitely a “girly” pic/ If you change the one before jpg to a three, you can see her in a thong, one that definitely isn’t work safe.

Just copy the link and paste it to your browser address bar and it should pull up.