The Vigil- A Very Jewish Horror Movie

In Jewish tradition, somebody stays with the body and prays and watches until it is buried. In Jewish tradition, a dybbuk is a kind of evil ghost caught between this world and the next.

Put the two together and you have The Vigil.

Speaking as a Jew, I’m so excited I could plotz.

You ever schlep a tombstone? It’s quite a schlep!

On a more serious note, when the Exorcist came out somebody tried a Jewish horror novel. It was called The Tribe. I’ve read it. There are good reasons you’ve never heard of it.

But The Vigil looks like it could actually be good.

First I’ve heard of it, but I will be watching.

Don’t forget to mention the production of Fiddler in Yiddish.

In the middle of the trailer it says “a potential for a new franchise.” I can imagine a whole series of movies, each more schlocky (google google–yep, Yiddish!) and with a smaller budget than the last, until the 5th is about the ghost of an infant who died during his bris targeting his mohel for revenge and the 7th is a straight-up remake of Leprechaun in the Hood for some reason.

Boychiks in the Hood!

I’ve seen The Mikado in Yiddish. It was a very Jewish horror, indeed.

The title Boychiks In The Hood is already taken.

Ive read some of it. My mother used to have a copy.

My father hates that he has nobody to practice his Yiddish with. I sent him the link he might enjoy that movie when it does release.
My sister might also be interested but she hates horror movies.