The Voice -- Fall 2020 Season Thread

Auditions are finished and the coaches have selected their teams.

Covid restrictions made the experience pretty cold and sterile. :innocent: No studio audience and no contestant relatives. Carson still talks to the contestants but keeps about 8 ft distance away. That really alters the experience for these people. Carson is normally very supportive and helps calm everyone’s nerves. He can’t easily do that from 8 ft away.

The coaches can’t approach the contestants. Gwen used an air gun to shoot her team t-shirts to people. John had a 8 ft stick with a rubber gloves at the end. Blake had a cardboard cutout for his team to hug.

I don’t think there’s a live band anymore. I guess their performances were literally phoned in.

Blah! :smirk: It’s not the show I love and look forward to. But it’s better than all the game shows that have run on the network during the pandemic.

I was really turned off by the new rules. Coaching these singers is really going to be cold and sterile from 8 ft away.

I did watch the audition shows. So far I haven’t been been very impressed with any of the singers. The better ones will emerge after the battle rounds.

I don’t bother learning names until after the battle rounds. Half the cast goes home then.

Serious question. How much of Blake Shelton’s sickeningly toxic personality is “fake”? Has there been any reliable confirmation?

Make no mistake, his act is beyond insufferable regardless of legitimacy. The other judges are obnoxious to a certain extent, but Shelton is a transcendent level of slimy normally associated with AM talk show hosts. When he unveiled those freaking banners in the season premiere, I wanted someone to punch him.

And if he isn’t a repulsive pig, why would he want to come across as one? I understand Gordon Ramsay going into drill instructor mode on Hell’s Kitchen, or Kevin O’Leary asking entrepreneurs hard questions because he wants to know if it’s a good investment, or Terry Crews… well, he’s Terry Crews, what more do you need to know? :wink: But what good does endless chest-thumping and petty little fights and begging for team members do Shelton? Doesn’t public image count for anything in country music?

Tried a news search, but only got his impending marriage to Gwen Stefani.

Blake’s persona on the show is steadily becoming more irritating each season.

I’m pretty sure the judge’s competitiveness is encouraged by the producers. Add some drama to the reality show. :roll_eyes: Blake seems to be more obnoxious about it than the other judge’s.

I’ve read that Blake works very hard to help some of his team’s artists after the show ends. He’s hired several to appear at Ole Red. That’s Blake’s restaurant/tavern that includes live music. There’s one location in Tishomingo Oklahoma and a 2nd one in Nashville Tennessee.

Blake took some of the early season winners with him on tour. They were part of his opening act.

I wish he would tone down his schtick on The Voice.