The Voice: Miley Cyrus/Alicia Keys are replacing Pharrell Williams/Christina Aguilera. It's no joke.

I have a lot of respect for Alicia Keys. That woman can sing and she appeals to a younger audience.
Girl on Fire :eek: wow, thats how you sing the shit out of a song. I really like how she varies the intensity of her performance.

But Miley Cyrus? WTF kind of bad joke is that? She’s not a musician. At best, I’d call her a performance artist. Its the shock value and unpredictability that draws people to her shows. This is who is replacing a respected producer and musician like Pharrell? Worst of all, there are under aged kids competing on The Voice. Who’ll be coached and mentored by somebody that isn’t even a professional musician? She can legitimately sing, but that was many years ago as a child star. She rejected musicianship for shock value a long time ago.

Is this the jumping the shark moment for The Voice? The thing that sets it apart from other reality shows is the quality of their coaches. People like Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Pharrell are highly respected in the industry.

Having a skill doesn’t always mean you can effectively teach that skill.

I think you’re selling Miley Cyrus short. Yes, she’s engaged in outrageous tabloid behavior, probably just to get media attention, but I was pleasantly surprised to find I actually like her music. I don’t blame you, I had pre-conceptions before I heard the songs myself. But after hearing them, I feel she’s legit.

Miley will be this seasons guest adviser for the later rounds. It’ll be interesting to see if she tones down her shtick. I understand her outrageous antics are carefully planned and even choreographed. Thats what performance artists do. But it still gets tiresome to watch in a hurry.

Hopefully she doesn’t embarrass the show or these young performers who are trying to get started in the music business.

Maybe Miley will shock me on The Voice by actually focusing on singing. Select some classic songs and create arrangements for these young competitors to showcase their talent.

That would be a very nice surprise. :wink: I’m going to continue watching this season and see how it goes. She may be more talented than I realize. It can be hard to see past her outrageous image.

Yes, this is really going to hurt all those contestants, considering how the previous winners have all become so famous.

90% of why I’d watch (when I did, I won’t pretend to be a regular viewer) was because of the judges. I have zero interest in watching Miley Cyrus so doubt I’ll be stopping on that channel next season.

That said, I doubt that “40-55 yr old white male infrequent viewer” is their target demographic.

Why exactly is Miley Cyrus that much worse than Adam Levine? I mean Levine isn’t some super talented producer. He’s the lead singer on Maroon 5.

Miley Cyrus is not on the same level with Alicia Keys, but she is no worse than Christina Aguilera.

Could I trouble you to parse this sentence, please?

Hmm ok? Alicia Keys is a great singer but Miley Cyrus is no worse than the regular pop singers they have on The Voice. Not sure how that was unclear.

Adam & Blake’s chemistry pretty much carries the show from what I can tell. I’d say that Pharrell and Aguilera/Stefani added more gravitas from a technical/production standpoint.

The part where you think that Alicia Keys is a better singer than Christina Aguilera is the unclear part.

You’re either massively overrating Alicia Keys or underrating Aguilera.

or conflating her with Shakira.

Is either Gwen Stafani or Christina Aguilera really known as a great technician or producer? I hadn’t heard that about either of them.

Pop stars on pop music tv show. Suspicious.

Adam & Blake’s chemistry pretty much ruined the show for me. It might be hard to find people with the time to work on the show, but I’d be happy if only the winning coach returned for the next season. Last thing I want to see more of is the Adam and Blake [del]circle jerk[/del] lovefest. But I’m happy to see new coaches being brought on, so I’ll start watching again.

Miley was the guest adviser for all the acts in tonights knock outs. She did better than I expected. Seemed really interested in helping these young artists. Quite a nice introduction to Miley and what she can bring to the show.

I am glad your 11 hours of dreading this came to a happy end.