There are currently SIX article on the Huffpo regarding Miley's performance at the VMAs

Never really cared much for the VMAs, but after seeing (not reading) six damn articles on the Huffpo, I figured I’d check her out on Youtube.

OK, so it’s a little weird with the giant teddy bears. I’ll grant you that. But other than that, what’s the big deal? They’re calling her performance “raunchy” which I guess it is, but damn, isn’t that pretty much the standard these days for hip-hop artist? (I don’t know, I’m not a fan of the genre.)

What were these people expecting? Marry Poppins?

Miley Cyrus became famous as a tween music performer (Hannah Montana) up through the Disney machine. Hence the over-the-top pearl clutching and smelling salt grabbing. Of course, see Britney Spears et al for reasons why no one should be surprised and/or impressed.

It’s also racist…don’t forget the racism.

One of my coworkers was watching it on her phone at lunch just to see what all the fuss was about. Our reaction was “Isn’t this basically the same act Britney Spears used to do?” We weren’t paying very close attention and it was just on a phone so perhaps we missed whatever it is that was shocking enough to justify the huge amount of media coverage this performance has received, but what I saw seemed no racier and far less racist than Spears’s “Slave 4 U” performance of 12 years ago.

I have no issue with any raunchiness. Just with it having been done so poorly.

I think she should see a doctor about whatever is causing her tongue to swell up and jut out of her mouth like some kind of mollusk. Poor girl will never get a date with that thing on her face…

The huge amount of media coverage is because sex sells but is somewhat taboo, so that media want to show the video but have to package it correctly.

As a consequence of the taboo, it is not societally acceptable for a respectable news outlet to have an item that says “We know you like being mildly sexually aroused so here’s a video of a pretty barely out of teens girl prancing around in a skimpy costume simulating sex”.

However, as a consequence of that taboo, it is societally acceptable for a respectable news outlet to have an item that says “People are outraged, OUTRAGED about a video of a barely out of teens pretty girl prancing around in a skimpy costume simulating sex which we are showing you in the interests of allowing you to see how OUTRAGEOUS it is”.

I think the comparison to Britney Spears was an apt one.

Here’s some young thing trying to break out of the family-friendly teenybopper mold by being over-the-top raunchy and sexual.

I cringed only because of how clumsy and amateurish it was (look at me! I’m a sexual ADULT!)

When I saw a picture of her on FB, my reaction was “Finally, Billy Ray is getting some well-deserved punishment for inflicting Achy Breaky Heart upon the world.”

A five dollar hooker has more class than Miley’s VMA performance. Note to Miley: there’s a big difference in being sexy and being slutty.

That’s how I saw it. Well congrats to her. She’s made it to the big leagues of trampy [del]trailer[/del] mansion trash. Maybe they can make a cement impression of her girly bits on the walk of stars.

Speculation around the iterwebz says that tongue stuff might have been caused by a big dose of MDMA.

I actually thought Britney’s performance was pretty professional and well done, compared to Miley’s mess. It wasn’t that Miley was being sexual, it was that she was being a poor performer. Britney killed it with that Slave4U performance.

I’m not exactly a Britney Spears fan but I’m posting to agree with this. People might have been shocked by Britney Spears going from Mickey Mouse Club to sexy but there’s a pretty wide gulf between her performances and Miley’s. Miley put a foam finger between her legs as if it was a dick. I’m not outraged or offended by it but that isn’t the kind of shit Britney did. I guess to most people born in the '30s (the typical SDMB poster) it’s all the same.

The typical SDMB poster is 80 years old?

Yep, although I wonder if that kind of extreme bluntness may not be what’s most effective. Sure, to some people it’s so over the top that it loses effectiveness but in pop music, especially pop music aimed at teenagers and club goers, blunt may be what it takes.

Does anyone know how many years it took Britney Spears to go from “look at this performance which shows I’m a real adult now” to her head-shaving, fattening meltdown?

I liked The Seven Stages Of Shaming Miley Cyrus.

‘Miley Cyrus Is Disgusting’
‘Miley Cyrus Ruined My Childhood’
‘Miley Cyrus Is A Slut’
‘Miley Cyrus Scarred My Kids For Life’
‘Miley Cyrus Is A Racist’
‘Miley Cyrus Is Dead To Me’
‘I Don’t Care About Miley Cyrus’

Yes. And they don’t know hyperbole when they see it.

One of the posters on the AV Club summed it up best for me:

Miley’s performance is a sheltered teen’s idea of what being a sexy adult is.

You may not think this onion article is relevant but it is. Worth a read