How'd Miley Cyrus get so skanky so quick?

I can’t recall seeing a teen star that is so determined to get skanky and slutty. She barely turns 18 and starts getting tats. TMZ constantly catches photos of her obviously bra less.

Check out the birthday cake lick. (click for uncensored image) Really classy. :rolleyes:

Even when I was in college I never liked being around this kind of nasty, vulgarity. You have to respect yourself first before anyone else will.

Show some fuc*ing class Miley.


Just kidding around and having fun with sex. She’s old enough. Don’t see anything particularly awful here. Or even attention-worthy, if it weren’t a celebrity.

You read TMZ for the class?

Braless!? Well I never!

swoons dead away at the vulgarity

Have you considered that your ideas are a bit old fashioned. Not wearing old-fogey-approved undergarments =/= whore of babylon.

If my nineteen yr old is licking a d^%$ cake…then it’s pretty clear that I’m taking the “L” as a father…

Reminds me to drop another hug and kiss on the twelve yr old… Funny she’s really turned off by Miley now… Commented that she thinks she’s sleazy and out of control…

I enjoy some of TMZ’s gossip. A lot of it is silly and harmless.

But a major teen star acting this skanky is just nasty. I can understand having fun at a birthday party. But she knew cameras were there. Those were carefully posed pictures. She knew these photos would be published.

That’s just so disrespectful to herself and her family.

And you. Don’t forget you, because clearly Miley Cyrus should never do anything that you might disapprove of.

Well, it turns out that I can be driven to defend even Miley Fucking Cyrus, in the face of enough ridiculous one-handed slut-shaming. Learn something every day.

If it disturbs her sanctimonious, hypocritical dad, who are we to object?

what I don’t understand is why she’s featured - nay allowed to sing one of my favorite Dylan songs on a new compilation CD called “Chimes”. all Dylan covers, proceeds to Amnesty International - oh wait, maybe that’s why she was included. get the skanks to support a good cause.

Its painfully obvious she’s the next Lindsay Lohan.

Its only a matter of time before she gets picked up and busted for drugs. Then the whole cycle of court appearances and rehab. I’ve seen this dance so many times in the past twenty-five years. One wrecked life after another.

Its such a sad thing to see coming. At least Lindsay was in her twenties before she went crazy. Miley just turned 19.

isn’t this the standard marketing plan for these little twerps? All innocent and nice up to 18, then start trashing them up to try to appeal to an older audience.

If she didn’t do that, then who would you have to judge?

Meh, turns out famous nineteen-year-olds are still nineteen years-old.

(makes note not to invite aceplace57 to any bachelor/ette parties)

(and also to remind him/her to never google “dickerdoodle”)

What do you mean, “so quick”? There have been hints of this sort of fun for awhile.

Newsflash: Teenager with more money than sense turns into skank. Film at 11.

What I want to know is, why is somebody named Liam getting a penis-shaped birthday cake?

I don’t know how it happened so quick, but suddenly I like her a lot more.

I recall seeing Miley and her parents on some TV show a while back and thinking, oh my God, these people are the real-life Beverly Hillbillies.

Mom and Dad seem like dyed-in-the-wool rednecks who did not change in the least after lucking into a shit-load of money. They just upgraded to a big ol’ trailer without wheels in a neighboorhood with actual paved streets, and they can afford all the tattoos they want now.

It’s not really surprising that their daughter would pick up the same sensibilities.

She inherited it from her parental units. Besides she is a Disney child actor and lots of them have problems when they grow up (Britney Spears, etc).

There may also be something about fame that attracts people who will be more outlandish and self destruct more than the rest of us working stiffs. I remember one of the members of The doors speculating that about Jim Morrison.