The Walking Dead; 4.12 "Still" (open spoilers)

Emily Kinney, Norman Reedus, and JB Smoove are on Talking Dead

Was that the smartest thing we’ve ever seen on this show? Hopping in a big car trunk, tying the trunk closed without latching it, and waiting out a swarm - good plan. Of course, Daryl was involved in it - he is one of the few members of our Motley Crew who seems to have working brain cells and/or a survival instinct.

ETA: Yeah, I definitely choose Daryl as my post-apocalypse survival buddy. :smiley:

Once again, Beth has NO survival sense, the only reason she’s not Purina Zombie Chow is because Daryl tolerates her, but she’s certainly doing her best to make him reconsider having her tag along

Sure, whine about wanting to get a drink, in a post apocalyptic zompocalypse, getting drunk, losing what little situational awareness she has, and end up PZC, great plan, Beth, are you trying to make me hate you and root for your inevitable demise?

Okay, who was winding the grandfather clock? It looks to be a counter weighted model, the weights need to be reset regularly

The people who hanged the people who became hanging walkers.

Yeah, Daryl might be a surly SOB, but Beth seems to be going out of her way to try to get herself killed.

This has to be the dumbest, most incomprehensible, boring episode of this series. Suddenly needing to find alcohol? Grabbing up all the cash? Unanimated corpses all over the place? Newspaper over single pane glass as a defense against walkers? None of this makes sense.

Where’s e “annoyed by their stupidity” option in the poll? So far this episode is beyond underwhelming, and actually stupid…

When they have the most levelheaded survivalist collecting worthless paper (unless he’s planning to use it for toilet paper) and getting drunk, thereby lowering reaction times and situational awareness…

Blah, more useless time filler pandering between Beth and Daryl…

GO ZOMBIES! Eat Beth’s brain…

… Oh wait, she doesn’t have one…

Absolutely nothing has happened. The episode went by really fast, because I’ve paid so little attention. But there’s still a few minutes to go.

"On a Very Special Episode of the Young and the Brainless, Daryl and Beth share their deepest secrets amongst the ambulatory cadavers…

It’s turned into a Frelling soap opera now :smack:

10 minutes to go. SOMETHING better happen.

Not a good episode at all.

Hmm, setting an unattended fire in a forest, stupid stupid stupid…

So, how far will this potential forest fire reach?

Daryl is clearly a stupid and angry drunk, emphasis on STUPID…

Pure shit.


(And Daryl is my favorite character. Da hell?!?)

Good beginning. Downhill from there.

That was IT?

Nothing happened! And now the two of them are on The Talking Dead to talk about nothing happening!

Agreed. The inert corpses didn’t bother me much; I think it there was a mass suicide. Though judging by the dead women in pearls who was stung up it might have been more of a massacre.

Sorry, forgot to include that. :smack:

We learned something about Daryl we didn’t know? Raise your hand if you were even slightly surprised that he was a useless redneck asshole before the ZA.

I don’t think we learned anything we didn’t know about Beth, either - she’s a lightweight bit of fluff who is truly lucky to still be alive.

This pairing is getting on my nerves - how are they managing to make Daryl-focused episodes so boring?

If you download TWD by the season & skip this episode, you miss nothing relevant to the series. Can that ever be said of any past episode?

They had better meet up with someone soon. Daryl’s character is being wasted in this arc.

Seriously, a “feel good” episode? What a let down after a week of waiting.

This week’s lesson is Beth and Darryl cannot carry an episode by themselves. People called last week “filler” when it was actually full of plot movement. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, was filler.

This kind of episode really shows how horrid these writers are. I know that I bust their chops for writing action scenes just based on what would look cool, but if the options are that or these attempts at “character development,” let’s just stick with what looks cool.

I’d say we’ve had three episodes of filler since the break. I’m trying to remember the plot development you are referring to from last week. I guess you’re thinking of the stuff with Abraham Ford, because the half of the show about Rick and the guy who hides in bathrooms did absolutely nothing last week for the plot.