The Walking Dead 5.04 "The Slab" (open spoilers)

Open spoilers as it airs in the East, if that is OK.

Only a few minutes in, but I’d like to point out that the wiring I see running along the walls of the hospital is nearly identical to that of the interior locations of Woodbury.

I only notice that because I always meant to ask about it during that season. It was very neat and orderly, and it was usually pairs of differently colored wires. Where’d they get it, where was it coming from, where was it going to, why they need it, what was it powering? If they have external power sources why not run it into the mains instead of run it along the walls. It always bugged me and now I’m seeing it here again…there’s a connection.

So you think this is the same hospital that Rick woke up in in the pilot episode?

Are you asking me or asking in general?

I’m saying I think there’s a connection back to Woodbury, but the similarity in wiring could just be symbolism or maybe one of the people in the hospital (Dawn? Hanson?) came from Woodbury. OTOH, that other guy said he’d been there a year which is probably pretty close to the beginning (before Woodbury).

I’m hating this episode. It’s all Beth, and we haven’t found out the “reveal” from the last week’s ending teaser.

no i don’t think this is the same hospital that rick was in. he was in a suburban hospital.

the za really brings out the dictators in people.


I have to admit, I’ve kind of lost track of who’s split up from whom and who were looking for.

Last week we saw…Darryl show up with an unknown person (out of sight) IIRC, but it was a fair guess that it wasn’t Carol, right? But Carol wasn’t lost, she was with the rest of the crew wasn’t she?

Oh, we didn’t get to find out who came back with Daryl. That’s annoying.

This episode was just one huge ball of WTF. Unintentional humor throughout.

Well, it wasn’t Carol. I think Beth and Carol are in the PrisonHospital (Prispital? Hosprison?) right now in Walking Dead group time.

My vote is back to Morgan. Could be a whole new group of people, though.

Do we like the term “savenapped” for what the hospital group did to Beth? I think Chris Hardwick coined it, but it does seem to sum it up - “We saved you, but you can’t leave because we won’t let you.”

They didn’t even save her, they kidnapped her.

I’d have to go back and watch that episode from last year - Daryl and Beth were together at the mortuary, Daryl and Beth were fighting zombies, and Beth just disappeared into the black car with the cross on the back window?

Beth said that she was fighting a zombie and then everything went black and she doesn’t remember anything until waking up in the hosprison (I’m going to go with that one), so maybe they did save her.

Other observations - Noah walking behind Beth as they were trying to escape looked just like a zombie, too.

Cutting the arm off of Joan was dumb - it was well past time for the infection to be in her whole body. I hope that doesn’t become a thing - we cut a body part off to save the person two hours after they got bit.

And now we have Beth and Carol together at the hosprison! And Daryl looking for both of them (but not very much, because he went back to the camp). The triangle continues!

I’m betting that Daryl’s “teaser” companion is Noah.

OOOoooh! I like that! And they did just get rid of a black guy, so they need a replacement (in keeping with the practice of the show).

Kinda meh about this ep. I’m not a fan of trapped in an evil hospital/prison story, and sneaking around offices and putting your back towards the door and it’s so obvious you’re going to get caught.

At least the worst cop is gone, so conditions at the hospital could improve. Unless all the cops like to assault the orderlies.

Noah is a good choice for who is with Daryl. Replacement black guy! Whew, that was close! Boy, that’s two women Daryl has had kidnapped while they were with him. He’s kinda bad luck that way.

Well, our characters have a way of leaving places as smoking ruins overrun with zombies. I’m guessing the hospital setup isn’t going to last much longer. It was a pretty nice setup though, excluding the evil.

You like that you’ll love this: I’ll also bet that Daryl and Carol found Noah, he told them the whole deal about the hospital and Beth, then Carol got herself intentionally “rescued” to get on the inside, while Daryl went back for reinforcements.

When was the last time Maggie saw Beth? When the Governor tanked the prison? Was Maggie never told that Beth survived that attack?

I can’t recall whether or not they explicitly showed Daryl telling Maggie about Beth, but he definitely mentioned her to others, who would have certainly told Maggie if Daryl didn’t do it himself.

They mentioned the idea of Carol going into the hosprison on purpose on The Walking Dead, and I didn’t think Carol would do that after her Terminus bad-assery, but her on the inside with Daryl bringing reinforcements makes a lot more sense.