The Walking Dead; 4.13 "Alone" (open spoilers)

Hopefully this will be a lot better than last week’s disaster. Lauren Cohan and Sonequa Martin-Green are on Talking Dead.

QFT! I sure hope so. Many more episodes like last week and I’m going to give up watching, which I really don’t want to do as I generally love the show.

The black guy still has to sit in the back of the vehicle. Rosa Parks would be spinning in her grave, if she wasn’t walking the earth.

The phone rang while Walking Dead was on - who the hell calls anyone during Walking Dead?!?

That wasn’t too bad - Maggie FINALLY started leaving messages for Glenn. Now, if they could all grow a brain and start doing that, they might find each other.

I don’t really understand why Daryl thought Beth was in the car taking off from the funeral home - I couldn’t see what it was that Daryl saw on the road. Why would Beth burn out of there and leave Daryl behind?

And yeah, they started going there with Daryl and Beth - it looked fairly creepy. I don’t think I’m a Bearyl shipper (Dareth?)

Finally! A good episode. Suitable action and tension, intriguing developments for the characters, behavior that made sense for the characters…

The only false note for me was another instance of the stealth ninja walkers who make no noise until Daryl opens the door. Those walkers also moved a lot faster than most, which made them more threatening than most of them.

She was like 16 when she first showed up, she can’t even be 18 now.

I assume someone grabbed/kidnapped Beth - Daryl saw his bag of loot on the ground, which presumably Beth dropped when she was grabbed.

With Glenn seeing a Terminus sign, does that just leave Daryl and Beth not knowing about it?

I thought Darryl saw Beth’s backpack on the road. She HAD to have been kidnapped.

Episode was alright. With three episodes left in the season, I hope things start getting more exciting.

I agree that Beth was kidnapped. I think they could have made it a little clearer, but I eventually got it. I wonder who it is that took her.

My biggest complaint is when Daryl opened the door and all those walkers poured in. Like someone mentioned before, those were some stealthy walkers! But besides that, I would think in this world, one would never open a door without checking through a window if possible. Especially Daryl! And especially since he didn’t have his crossbow with him.

I saw a walker through the slats in the door Daryl opened. Why did he think that was the dog? Poor doggie, I hope he got away. Unless he led the walkers to Daryl. Bad doggie.

I figure the kidnapper is some sicko religious human doll maker. How the hell is Daryl going to get away from the Deliverance gang?

I hate gangs. Zombies are fine. Humans can be terrifying.

I think the house itself was a trap of sorts, as my husband coined on a different forum “a gingerbread house”.
The group that found Darryl, did anyone notice if the guy that got choked up near Ricks bed there or did he get done in by the bathroom zombie?
My question is why is everyone walking the train tracks and not the roads? If cornfields and the woods be filled with walkers why not try the road. --and at least once a show could someone at least try to start a vehicle?
Beth and Darryl yes that was ick … the animal trap she stepped on clamped her boot heel right? Loved the episode but …

He thought it was the dog because he heard it barking (and presumably attracting walkers). He grabbed a snack for it to try and entice it in - I got the impression that this wasn’t the second time the dog had shown up.

Yeah, I was surprised he didn’t check for walkers - but you can think that the dog had been at the door a few times before, and he had gotten a bit sloppy playing house with Beth.

I know it’s Daryl, but everyone makes mistakes (except for nitpickers).

The funeral home was a trap. (?)

Get unsuspecting people to enter, sick the walkers on them, and kidnap whoever escapes.

Ingenious plan!

Man, you won the thread!

Cynicism was implied. If it IS a serious plot point, I’ll be pissed.

No kidding. But this is the inevitable direction the show needs to take - eventually we’re going to run out of the first wave of zombies, and the biggest threat is going to be humans (which it always is in these stories). I like that they’re accepting this.

I like it - great term.

I think it’s smart. The train track itself is a barrier, and difficult for zombies to traverse. There’s plenty of clearing on either side to see what’s coming, and you know where you’re going. Add in the bonus of bridges that zombies fall off of, and you’re golden. Plus, you avoid trucks full of gang members.

I didn’t like this one as much as every one else seems to. I’m just sick and tired of people splitting up from their groups. It’s STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!

I really can’t wait until they get everyone back together-- not liking the 6,000 different plot lines that we keep jumping between. (OK, that was a bit of an exaggeration.)

I enjoyed the episode, but I agree with you about splitting up. Especially going off by yourself. Why anyone in the zombie apocalypse would want to do that is utterly beyond me.