The Walking Dead; 4.10 "Inmates" (open spoilers)

It looks like we’ll see what some of the others are up to. Joe Kernan, Jim Gaffigan are on Talking Dead along with a mystery cast member.

Poor situational awareness on Beth’s part, hear a noise, pull your knife, then freeze like a deer in headlights until the walker grabs you…

Amazing she hasn’t become Purina Zombie Chow yet…

I missed something. Whose shoe is that?

Mystery answered! Judith lives!

And how frigging stupid is Beth? “Let’s go track other people in the middle of the night!”

“I hear a walker - I’ll take out my knife and just stand here, and not look for it or anything.”

It can’t be Carl’s since the zombie that got his was trapped inside an upstairs bedroom. And Judith is proving exactly why infants are a liability.

Oh great Judith “Lil’ pain in the ass” is still alive :rolleyes:

Little zombie-calling siren, that, tactically foolish to keep her…

Y’know, the last thing Rick and Carl saw was Judith’s bloody baby carrier… Just sayin’

(Not a fan of babies/kids in shows)

Holy shit yess!!!:slight_smile:

Oh crap, even worse, the deux ex machina solution, Carol saves the brats and LPITA, the writers aren’t even trying to make this one good, or even plausible…

Carol’s back! Yay!

And she’s with Tyreese. Oh oh.

Hey, just leave that guy to turn and bite on Beth, eh? Good plan. Jerks.

I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this. Lizzie almost baby/chickened Judith, a la Hawkeye in “MASH.”

Could we get a “Annoyed the ever-loving piss out of me with all their stupidity” option in the polls? :slight_smile:

Why didn’t they have a meet-up if they had to bug-out plan? Stupid.

Hmm, looks like Glenn met a horrible fate, they didn’t show his face, but the hairstyle, body mass, and height looked to be Glenn-esque, and given Maggie’s breakdown, it was probably him :frowning:

Then again, it’s illogical that the group, when broken up, would sustain no losses, just mad it was a character I liked…

<edit> they suckered me good! good to be wrong :slight_smile:

Agreed, Cat Whisperer, for them to have survived this long without having a bugout strategy, AND to make stupid mistake after stupid mistake is infuriating

Given their current lack of knowledge, they should have been Zombie Chow a long time ago

Daryl seems to be the only one with appreciable survival skills out of the bunch

Okay, Glenn, first thing you need to do is ditch the Red Dot sight on your AR, where are you going to find good CR2032 batteries at this point, also, slap a bayonet on that M4

Second, a backpack with loose, grabbable straps, and in a bright color?:rolleyes:

Good idea on the body armour though…

It’s RoboGlenn! :smiley:

So, Glenn takes on a mob of zombies and doesn’t fire a shot, and Carl empties his gun on two slow shambling zombies that he didn’t have to mess with and a third that he should have seen. Got it.

Look, it’s the return of Duke Nukem! :wink:

Aaaaaaaand - we have Governor Mark II. And his lieutenant, Cam from “Modern Family.” :smiley:

ETA: Governor Mark II - G.I. Governor.

Anybody got the second code word for the sweepstakes? I was out of the room for that.

The second word was “inside”

I thought this episode was rather “meh”, a filler/padding episode, mainly to fill some backstory

That and the sheer stupidity of Beth, and the zombie-calling abilities of LPITA, it amazes me that our motley crew of morons (MoM) hasn’t had a greater amount of attrition…

Sorry, Kolga, I wasn’t paying any attention to that (it probably is only for residents of the US anyway).

Another observation - was Daryl supposed to be mirroring Michonne, being all robotic and unfeeling and saying mean things to Beth about her dad because he doesn’t want to care for anybody and he’s all Trauma-Boy now too?