The Walking Dead; 4.14 "

This is the antepenultimate episode of the season; Melissa McBride, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Phil Brooks are on Talking Dead.

Lizzie’s got to go - she’s going to end up killing all of them. So, are they portraying her as perhaps a schizophrenic, or are we to assume that she’s nuts from all that’s she’s been through?

And now we definitely know who was feeding walkers at the prison.

ETA: And we’re spending a whole freaking episode on these girls and not on any of the characters I actually care about?

Holy SHit! :eek: I did not see that coming.

Oh. My. God. I think I gasped out loud.

ETA: Poor Carol. What a thing to have to do.

I did. Not that exactly…but something similar. Girl’s bug-fuck crazy.

I knew when she said, “I know what I have to do now,” she wasn’t talking about understanding what walkers are all about, but I did not see that coming.

Poor Carol. That’s two little girls she couldn’t keep safe.

Yep, Lizzie is completely insane, no question about that now

So, now Tyrese and Carol have to deal with two major security risks compromising their safety, LPITA (Judith) who has the uncanny ability to cry at exactly the wrong time and attract walkers, and Crazy Lizzie, who is practically a Quizling at this stage

Personally, I wold rather have seen Lizzie perform her “experiment” on LPITA, that’d show beyond a shadow of a doubt that she’d finally snapped…

Now that I did not see coming.

The Walking Dead is back!

The obvious solution for the Lizzie problem is she needs to be put down, humanely, with a minimum of suffering

Called it!

This is really going to take a toll on Carol, failing to protect her charges…

Of all the episodes, this one will give me nightmares.

Tyreese’s face when he and Carol confronted Lizzie. I call it, “Okay, I’m terrified of all three of you now.”

Finally a decent episode, the edge is back, Tyrese forgiving Carol was a bit weak, plot wise, but in line with his character

They still have to deal with the tactical risk that is LPITA…


Back-to-back-to-back shocking/“edge of your seat” scenes. Just a well-done episode. An emotional roller coaster.

Never go walking with one other person in the woods in The Walking Dead - it won’t go well for you.

Tyrese “got it;” Carol’s all about “doing what needs to be done.” When she killed/burned the bodies at the prison, she was doing what she thought needed to be done, just as he did with Lizzie.

And just as Lizzie was threat that could not be tolerated, the very sick and contagious at the prison were a threat, too.

My husband pointed out that he liked Tyreese’s speech, too - “I’m not going to kill you; you get to live with what you’ve done, and I know that you’re living with what you’ve done.”

I got the impression that Lizzie was disturbed prior to the apocalypse. She and Mika had a calming ritual (look at the flowers, count to three) that I assume predated the crisis.

A while back I posted this:

It’ll be interesting to see, assuming I’m correct in this assumption, how long it takes before they have a new member in their group that has a different set of beliefs regarding the walkers.

Come to think of it, it’ll be even more interesting if all those people (who, other than Herschel are all dead now I think) end up being right. I did think about that, but the necrotizing flesh tells me it can’t be true. It doesn’t much matter if you can ‘come back’ if you have no lungs, skins and are riddles with bullet holes.

Was there anything else after Tyrse and Carol walk past the zombie in the tracks? my damn recording cut off after the talking dead promo.