The Walking Dead; 4.16 "A" (open spoilers)

Season finale tonight. Scott M. Gimple and Andrew Lincoln are on Talking Dead.

Well, that answers the question we all had about how Daryl was going to handle it when they caught up to Rick.

Holy crap. I would say it was Rick that handled it.

“Uh, Dad? I think you got him.”

If the three (arguably the four) biggest badasses on the show can’t take a few rednecks, this would not be the show I’m used to.

Of all the things Carl has to fear I don’t think getting raped occurred to him until know. :eek:

Rick biting that guy was awesome.

terminus is peeple? -.-

“Where did you get that watch !?”

“Well…we took it from that guy before we cut him up and fed him to you.”

Have we seen any women of breeding age not in the breeding barns?

So, they took Glen’s/Hershel’s watch, Maggie’s poncho, and Eugene’s body armour, then lied about it. Not good.

Reunited at last.

Okay, so we’ve just got Beth, Carol, and Tyreese out in the wind still.

And no one core died in the finale. Huh.

In that large room where Rick & company first enter, what the heck were those people working on?

Well Maggie & Sasha weren’t separated from the men in the group; I don’t know whether that’s encouraging or not. It’s funny how Terminus seemed a lot less creepy than it did last week, right up until the Rick saw all their stuff in the courtyard. :wink: That weird room with the candles erased all doubt that there’s some kind of cult going on.

I think that’s the most disturbing part. Terminus wanted all of them, even the men, alive; why?

I’ll be shocked if Beth isn’t that barbeque they’ve been handing out. She has to have been kidnapped by the terminus people, adding a different villain wouldn’t make any sense.

I still think Beth is more as breeding stock than as food; though it does look like the locals are fond of long pork. Anyone have a different explanation for those piles of human bones Rick & co ran past?

It looked like they were setting up a radio station; though I wonder how effective that would really be at drawing victims. How many people are still monitoring radio frequencies at this point. :dubious:

If Beth was breeding stock so would be Maggie and Sasha and Michonne.

That’s the recruiting center. They were making “Come to Terminus” banners and maps, presumably to keep the next meal coming in. The lady speaking into the microphone is sending out a verbal recruiting message, basically to do the same thing, keep people chow coming. Remember that episode way back when Daryl/Michonne/Tyrese heard part of the message on the car radio?

So…we are all pretty sure cannibalism is going on here?

Well i sure didn’t see any livestock and there were piles of human bones around.