The Walking Dead; 4.15 "Us" (open spoilers)

Penultimate episode of the season & last week’s sure set the bar high. Steven Yuen and Josh McDermitt are on Talking Dead.

Ugh… “Faith” :smack:

I’m already inclined to hate it, let me guess the twist ending here…

Michonne is an “angel”
So say we all…

Yay! Glen saw Maggie’s note! Now, if they would all leave notes for the rest of the group, and Glen had actually read the map before running off…

Macheteing the rabbit right through the middle without cleaning out the guts? Dumb, quick way to ruin the meat through contamination, at least Daryl got the back half where most of the meat is located…

Yup, just as we thought - it was Rick who met Darryl’s current group before. That’s going to be interesting, when Rick’s group and Rick’s group meet up.

Last week we had a Fallout reference.
This week we got Bub from Day of the Dead in the tunnel.

I’m liking the Easter eggs.
The Terminus arrival was interesting…it was beyond stupid that nobody closed the g-damn gate.

I’m pretty sure the gate was closed when they showed the long view of them working their way into the complex.

Now, I did think it was stupid/suspicious that Terminus doesn’t have any guards. Although I guess there could be snipers up on the top floors.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw that. :slight_smile: I think that whole sequence was a reference to the caverns in Day of the Dead, not just Bub’s cameo. So what does everyone think of Terminus. They’ve already done the seemingly perfect survivor colony with dark secret. On the other than watching everyone settle into a safe community would get boring fast. Either way judging by the sets (& Denise Crosby) Terminus will be the show’s setting for at least the first half of season 5.

:confused: We already knew that. We saw the leader of Daryl’s group at that house when Rick was there.

They did show the gate as being closed afterwards, what bothered me is that the neither gate was really locked to begin with. The chain was just sort of draped on it. Zombies (which, mind you can push down a fence) are going to walk right through that. Considering the writers/directors/set designers/actors all know this, I’m wondering if Terminus is set up by people that haven’t been there long enough to know how bad it is.
But that wouldn’t make sense since they had to go out and put up the signs, besides, if they didn’t know how bad it was they wouldn’t have made Terminus. So why weren’t the gates locks.

Also, what’s going on with the place that so many people walk in with their guns pointed that they have to put up a sign telling people not to do that. And who, that feels the need to walk around with their gun pointed puts it down because a sign said so.

One last thing. I caught a small continuity error. When they hopped in the minivan the big guy flipped on the windshield wipers and then they showed us “Leave Momma Be” written in dust (and then him turning on the wipers again).

Just watching The Talking Dead they quickly mentioned Andrew Lincoln’s British accent which I’d heard about but never, well, heard. Here’s a random interview with him. I don’t know what it’s about, I just wanted to hear him talk.

It’s funny how much of an accent he has, as well as how soft spoken and un-grizzley his voice his. It’s one of those thing where, when you think about how much of an idiot Rick can be, it’s just how well Andrew is acting.

It’s pretty bizarre how deserted it was considering it was the middle of the day. :dubious: It was just Mary alone in a courtyard cooking what’s presumably a large meal. Where is everyone?

So I’m not the only one who recognized Bub, nice :slight_smile:

So, when do we see Tar-Man?

We did? I must have missed that. Oh well.

So, Terminus is due to be worse than Woodbury, eh? A fascist regime of a small group of leaders who rule with an iron fist?

I think he walked out onto the porch and almost saw Rick hiding there.

I want to think Terminus is on he up and up but it was very weird that they had not one guard or at least a greeter and how empty it looked.

A cult would be interesting.

There’s just something …wrong… About terminus, it’s tripping my “Danger Will Robinson” sensors as well

All the women go straight into the Breeding Barns, and all the men get sent out to forage without any weapons that they could use against the regime?

I got the creepies from Terminus too. The big clue, according to my husband the conspiracy theorist, are not only the lack of guards, but also how perfect everything looks.

I’m still squicked out enough by zombie hoards that I partially hid my face behind the lap throw when Glen was helping what’s-her-name after she stumbled :shudder: