The Walking Dead; 6.14 "Twice as Far" (open spoilers)

This is the antepenultimate episode of the season; Steven Yeun, Tyler James Williams, and Josh McDermitt are on Talking Dead.


Well the first 2 acts were filler, but I liked Act 3. Too bad they lost their only doctor, but go Eugene? :eek: I was not expecting that.

The man can certainly bite a dick.

I wonder if they’ll ever mention that again…“hey, Eugene, remember that time you bit that guy in the dick?”

And how much force would it take to inflict any substantial pain/damage with your jaws through denim?

That’s something that always bothered me, i don’t think zombies could bite through a pair of jeans.

I was headed here to ask what Dr. Lady saw in the pharmacy room that spooked her so bad, once again thinking I’m too dumb or blind to see stuff. But on “Talking Dead” Chris Hardwick clarified that it was a baby’s shoe. He also commented that, “A lot of people didn’t get that” which made me feel better. Thank goodness we have a show that explains stuff that the original show fails to do.

Denise was doing so many stupid things that I kept expecting her to die, so it wasn’t a big shock when she did. Poor Tara, though.

Daryl and his crossbow–together again!

Carol striking out on her own once more?

When Morgan does his staff exercises, is anyone else reminded of the ‘Star Wars kid’?

The show didn’t fail to explain anything about that, you simply missed it. The sink clearly had a baby’s shoe sticking out of sludgy disgusting bloody water, the implication being that whoever was stuck in that room went crazy and drowned the baby to stop it from screaming and attracting the walkers (hence the “hush” scrawled on the wall.) Or maybe the baby just died from lack of food. However it happened, the corpse ended up in that sink and slowly liquified into that nasty sludge.

You saw the camera pan over the empty crib, yes? And all the baby pictures around? I knew she’d find a dead baby in there.

Wow, people doing so many stupid things it’s hard to know where to start. I really did not like this episode. So predictable. And Carol going off on her own… I’m reminded of what Jack said in Lost: Live together, die alone.

OK, note to the next group going on an excursion. Get out, get what you need, and get back. No fucking around, just get what you went for and get back.

Yeah, at this point they should be on high alert after their encounters with a few different Savior groups. Strutting around in small groups in the open, making lots of noise… sounds like a good way to get dead.

I froze the screen and stared at it and STILL had no clue what I was looking at.

Well I saw it clearly too. I’m a bit surprised that some people apparently didn’t, it seemed very clear to me.

I was so hoping for a walker baby!

CMC fnord!

A walker in a walker?

I thought it was pretty clear- and one of the most depressing scenes on the show.
The entire episode I kept saying “you’re the town’s only Doctor”. I get what she wanted to do, but she endangered Rosita and Darryl’s lives and risked the town’s only Doctor. Selfish selfish.

Seriously, the idea of going on a run just to play matchmaker is so ridiculously stupid.

Technically, she’s just reading a bunch of medical books and making it up as she goes. I kind of think anyone can do that.
I’m also starting to think that maybe Carol is the one whose going to have some face time with sweet Lucile.

So was I!

Loved it.

I’m really enjoying this seasons 2nd half taking such a dark turn. I’m a little surprised at Carol’s change of heart though - it seems kind of sudden. I understand that all the stress can add up quickly, but this is a complete 180 degree turn for her.