The Warrior's Way

Just watched “The Warrior’s Way” on Netflix recently. I had avoided it for awhile from the cover and title just giving me a bad impression. I was pleasantly surprised when it was a very solid movie, not great, but enjoyable.

Basically it’s a Spaghetti Western and anime style samurai sword flick rolled together. The main character could have been a liitle less 2D but the villains were great and the visuals really striking.

The movie is narrated and has as a supporting character in Geoffrey Rush, the main villain in Danny Houston. Nothing I’ve ever really disliked these guys in and they helped it out tremendously.

Anyone else seen this? What did you think?

I put it in my queue recently–may not have time to watch it until after Christmas, though. I’ve read mixed reviews so I’ve been a little tentative about it, but your opinion is encouraging.

If you like the genres you should have no problem enjoying it.

It was a good guilty pleasure cheesy movie. If you take it as a hilariously corny B movie it goes over much better.

I do wonder who called in a favour to get Geoffrey Rush in it though!

Absolutely, as all spaghetti westerns should be enjoyed. Ya who knows about GR, but the guy seems like an awesome dude and he was amazing in Mystery Men so this isn’t out of his experience really.

It was great fun!
Loved the circus elements, too.