The Watch hate-watch (all spoilers all the time.)

I guess I can’t keep myself from hate-watching this, so here’s a thread. Spoilers after this post because of the mouseover thingy.

Bits and pieces from the first two episodes I haven’t seen mentioned in earlier stories.

Carrot was already a police officer in his mine. His father (in a letter Carrot discovers) begs Vimes to take him on because all of the dwarfs (including his parents) are terrified of him clumsily knocking down a mine support and collapsing the mine.

Carcer and Vimes were old friends in their childhood gang. Vimes joined the watch as a ruse to kill Keel and free the imprisoned gang members. But he decided to really become a cop. Carcer kills Keel, and he and Vimes have the case to the roofs of Unseen University during the storm. Carcer gets knocked over the edge, hangs on by his fingertips, begs Vimes to help him, Vimes just stands there and lets him fall, never to be found. (This is all in flashback, Carcer shows up unaged 20 years later.) Carcer (who is the one summoning the dragon) at the end of episode 2 shows Wonse (who is a woman and another member of the old gang and a janitor at UU who stole the book on dragons) a glowy tattoo on his arm and explains that he has joined a bigger gang that wants to wipe everything clean. I’m guessing the Auditors of Reality.

Detritus is killed in the beginning of the second episode by ordinary crossbows.

The UU library has a “reading room”, which allows you to read ancient languages and apparently makes you a telepath/empath while you are in there. But spending too much time in there makes you degenerate into a caveman. This is the Librarian.

Good grief, it’s even worse than the trailers led one to believe. :frowning:

There are iconographs occupied by imps. But when Vimes checked one, it wasn’t paintings inside but a small square (around Polaroid-sized) digital photo frame or tablet that Vimes took, with a touchscreen that allows you to scroll through the digital photos, which makes no sense. What does the imp do?

There is a clacks, but it is a wired scrolling-ribbon stock-ticker type thing on desks, completely mooting the pun name so why even bother?

Slab is a drug there (no mention of troll use) but also used in magic spells. The book on dragons was traded for slab, and the Archchancellor of UU was therefore a suspect for stealing the book.

The head of the Assassins Guild is Cruces, and another gender swap (along with Veterinari and CMOT Dibbler so far.) The existence of the guilds seems to be one of the main conflicts in the show, and the direct cause of the degradation of the Watch.

DEATH is funny and has a sense of humor. He does not talk LIKE THIS.
Vetinari doesn’t have a secretary, and dresses in overly-padded blue tones. She doesn’t have an office and a desk, so far.
The Chancellor has spells that backfire. He can’t curse as a result, it comes out as a choir. He also has a farseeing device that looks at “roundworld”, where he gets all his inspiration.
There is wrought-iron, glass, and plastic everywhere.
The only watch members are Vimes, Cheery, Angua, and Lady Sybil. No constables, Nobby, etc.,

I did not laugh once. I truly hate-watched it.

Once you realize it has nothing to to with Pratchett except the character names and their basic background, it’s okay. It stands up sui generis. Not terrible, but so far not more than average.

There’s no point in complaining what they got wrong, because it is not a dramatization of the books.

Then you are definitely in the wrong place.

At which point, one has to wonder why the hell they bothered with using the character names and basic backgrounds at all, when they intended to create characters and tell a story which was so antithetical to what Discworld fans (the only people who would actually give a damn about those names and backgrounds) would want out of it?

I think they went under the assumption that most viewers had never heard of Discworld. Also, much of the humor in Discworld comes from Pratchett’s description, so it would be very hard to translate. Finally, funny fantasy is very rare on TV (and the few attempts did not go well), so it made sense to stick to the more dramatic elements (something Pratchett was moving toward as the series progressed).

I start to wonder if, much like I, Robot and Starship Troopers, it wasn’t a matter of the studio having (a) a script that they wanted to produce, and (b) rights to an intellectual property that they hadn’t yet been able to get through development, so some producer said “Let’s bolt the IP onto that script, so it has some built-in audience appeal!”

Yes, just like the Schwarzenegger Conan films, or Starship troopers, pretend that the title is merely a coincidence.

Or in the case of The Watch, pretend it is one of those other alternate universes that pTerry talks about. If you do that, it is enjoyable but not great.

You can do that if you wish. However, my posts in this thread will continue to drip with contempt.

Fine to hate the show. But if all you can say is “It’s not Pratchett!!!,” you’re merely stating the obvious loudly.

It’s not Pratchett is a given. It’s like saying “I hate wine because it’s not made from milk” and constantly sneering at the fact.

The purpose of this thread was stated it the title. If you don’t like it, you are free to stay out of it.

But, in this case, the wine has clearly been put in repurposed milk cartons, and still has the name of a dairy on it.

“That’s not my cow!”

I’ve not read the source material, and I enjoyed the debut episodes just fine.

I recall HBO’s Game of Thrones prompting similar concerns among viewers when it was first released.

But does that ever really work, though? I would be interested in watching some generic comedic fantasy roughly around similar themes, and I would be interested in watching an adaptation of Terry Pratchett—which somehow adds up to me having zero interest in watching this.

I love the books, but didn’t make it past a half hour into the first episode. Too much wrong, too easily to have been right.

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