The weird stuff at kindergarten I touched today...what was it?

Toddled off to the grandson’s Open Day at kinder today and was suitably impressed by the art table, reading mat, sandpits and veggie plots UNTIL I came across a basin of STUFF that defied explanation.

It looked like clumps of clay (with a few plastic dinosaurs thrown in) but it was super malleable, light-weight AND left my hands feeling unnaturally smooth after touching it. Damned freaky stuff.

Any ideas? Oh, btw, not kinetic sand…we’ve got that shit down pat!

All I can say is, let’s keep this thread going – it’s sure to produce an epically funny “sequential threads” moment!

That’s interesting. Never heard of kinetic sand before. When I was a kid, magic sand was the thing.

There are a number of products on the market for children to model that resemble Play-Doh, except they are light-weight, and don’t crumble as much, so they aren’t as messy. They are more expensive than Play-Doh, but the fact that they don’t get tracked around make the investment worth it to a lot of preschools/kindergartens. They have mineral oil as an ingredient, which is why it feels like you just put on lotion after you used them.

They also generally don’t have wheat as an ingredient, which Play-Doh does, making it difficult in places where some kids are on gluten-free diets. Yes, I know Play-Doh isn’t a food, but with kids under 6, all bets are off. You get a gluten-free modeling compound, and there’s nothing to worry about.

Slime? It’s easy enough to make.

Maybe Crayola Model Magic

Polymer clay?

Play-Doh is delicious. That’s all.

I’m assuming these are one and the same thing, and sounds like I now have a name for the strange stuff at kinder.

Thanks folks. :slight_smile:

Poly-clay would not leave your hands feeling soft and lotioned, nor is it lightweight.


I reckon this is probably it. Apparently it’s lightweight and flexible, and is extremely likely to be found at a kindergarten.

Aren’t you Australian?

God only knows what manner of Horrors exist down there. Whatever it was will probably kill you.

Maybe some sort of foam clay modelling material - like this:|+UK+|+Shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=sbzm9f2CP|pcrid|161504394622|pkw||pmt||pdv|c|&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpfe6q9uz1QIVrbztCh1PUghOEAQYAiABEgIcs_D_BwE

It’s a sort of stretchy polymer clay, but with the texture and weight of soft foam rubber.

Probably drop bear droppings. Difficult to harvest, as the droppings are most often quickly followed by the deadly drop for which the bear is named, but demand and price are high enough that brave entrepreneurs continue to risk life under the limbs to make a quick fortune. Some will tell you that the secret is proper protective clothing, but piles of Kevlar and carbon fiber scattered under the trees speak otherwise.

Nay, the way to get rich from collecting drop bear droppings (and you are sworn to secrecy here) is to be the 2nd hunter on the scene. It’s easier to gather the prize and get away while the drop bear is devouring the first hunter. But do beware - though not normally social creatures, drop bears are incredibly smart when it comes to procuring meals. They are catching on to the 2nd hunter trick and recently have been observed working in pairs - one drops and one lingers until the 2nd hunter arrives. So you may want to go 3rd. Until…

You could ask your grandson’s parents to ask. I remember asking my son’s preschool teacher what “go together toys” were, as she told the parents they’d play with them every day.

Answer: Anything like Legos, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs–toys which could be stuck together.

Also, the rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.

My Wife is a kindergarten teacher and she regularly finds things that defy explanation. Just because it was on the table, it doesn’t mean that it belonged there. Just Sayin’. Did it glow in the dark, perchance?

Maybe it was an experiment, like making plastic out of milk or corn starch.

At a kid’s toy booth at the fair the other day, there was this combination sand-Play Dough conglomeration, conveniently packaged with a tiny plastic pool to keep it in and squish it. Mrs Duck wasn’t sure and the grandson is too young, but it looked pretty cool to me.