The Who question

I know, I haven’t been around here in long time. They blocked the message board at work, so I don’t get to hang out anymore. Is the attention whore Jack Batty still around?

But I had this question. I’ve looked for the answer, but have had no luck. I thought to myself, “Get over the Doper board, someone will know the answer.” So here goes…

Who was playing drums for The Who at the Concert for NYC? [Sure, it was a month ago. I’m kinda behind in watching my VHS tapes.]

And, as always, thanks for help, guys!

I think it may have been Ringo Starr’s son but I could be wrong. And I don’t remember his name.

It was Ringo’s boy Zac Starkey.

Wasn’t he Jimmy in the movie Quadrophenia?

Jimmy was played by Phil Daniels (the geezer in Blur’s Parklife).

The Who! I love bands!

In Pete’s own words:

"After rehearsals yesterday, which went very well, with Roger falling right into form and nearly catching up with Zak, John and myself (Jon Carin is playing keboards), I went to see David Bowie at a studio. He has asked me to work on a track of his new album. He played me a number of tracks. I can’t say too much, except it was surprising, moving, poetic (in a musical and visionary sense). I think real Bowie fans (and a few of Radiohead) will be able to walk tall soon in the knowledge that their hero can still break all the rules and remain cool…

…I’m looking forward to the event tonight. We will do what we normally do. Zak is playing great and with him as the main engine I can be as slack as I like. I weigh 195 pounds tonight, don’t get in my way."

If you are a fan of the Who/Townshend, you should definitely bookmark his web page. You can keep up with what’s going on via Pete’s diary, plus he usually uploads music from the studio, shows, etc.
It’s great to see someone really hands-on and active on their website.

Thanks guys!

And since you mentioned Jon Carin, I’ll toss in the fact that he played keyboards for Pink Floyd on their last tour at least.

Was Zac the same drummer the Who have had for their recent tours, or was that someone else?

Zak was with them on their last tour at least; before that it was Kenny Jones, who I saw 'em with in '89. In my opinion, Zak’s much closer to Keith Moon than Jones.

Zack Starkey played with The Who during the 1996 QUADROPHENIA shows and on last year’s “Greatest Hits” tour. The drums for the 1989 TOMMY tour were played by Simon Phillips, not Kenny Jones. Jones last played with the band in 1985, I believe, for the Live Aid benefit concert.

Steve Biodrowski