The Winthorpe and Valentine Dining Room

I was in Philadelphia this week and my hotel’s restaurant was called the Winthorpe and Valentine Dining Room.

Very cool.

Awesome name!

Please tell me there was a frozen concentrated orange juice dish on the menu.

I LOVE that!! One of my all time favorite movies!

I was ready for a Pork Belly Roast, myself, but according to our server, they are still in the process of creating the new menu, so not yet.

Like you might find on a bacon, and lettuce, and tomato sandwich.

So did you eat your food openly, or did you have to put on a Santa Claus outfit and swipe a slab of lox and sneak it out under your shirt?

Of course, they’ll have a plate with BOTH lobster and cracked crab.

Wrong season to announce, in a booming voice, “Merry New Year!”

An assortment of cold cuts and cheese served from a “ROOK-sack.”

And don’t dump out those Crepes Suzette– bring them to MY table!

Just look at that S car go!

I hope they don’t serve beef jerky. It gives me the wind something terrible.