The Wolverine Saw It Thread [Open Spoilers]

Spoilers down below:
So…it wasn’t bad but I really would have liked more Mutants and Mutant action. Minus the Giant Robot at the end, this could have been a Jason Bourne type movie with very little rewriting. To be honest my favorite part was the tag during the credits setting up Days of Future Past. Now that, I can’t wait for!

Thank God it wasn’t. The strength of the movie is that, barring the superpowers, it’s basically a human situation of half-crazy people trying to knife each other in the dark.

It’s an all-around good movie, enjoyable and not stilted like some other X-Franchise flicks.

It bored me to tears, and I’m really glad they sold beer at the theatre. There was a documentary about the Japanese train system hidden inside a slow moving dull as dishwater comic book movie.

Perfectly good drive-in movie (by which I mean not-very-good movie that is improved by an ability to talk a lot).

My wife enjoyed pointing out the differences between what was said in Japanese and how it was translated in subtitles.

I liked that it was so constrained. Just a character arc and not yet another existential threat for the planet. The reveal was so obvious from the beginning that I can’t decide if it was actually supposed to be a surprise or not. But I didn’t mind.

My memories of the X2 and X3 are so dim that it really took a while for me to dredge up what the source of his angst was.

Won tickets to a midnight screening. My friend’s Chinese martial arts was invited at the last minute to do a promotional stunt by doing a demonstration class in the cinema’s foyer. Because, you know, Chinese, Japanese, whatever, same thing right?

The film wasn’t too bad - it’s better than the first one that’s for sure. But it’s not a memorable one, and I was distracted by weird character motivations which didn’t make any sense at all. For example, I found Mariko’s father’s hatred for her to be a bit extreme, even for a crazy Asian-patriarchal-character-in-a-movie. And Harada flip-flops between helping Wolvie and trying to kill him. And Mariko, though somewhat capable in self-defence, acts the helpless damsel a lot.

And maybe I’m overthinking this for a superhero film, but all (living) white women in this film seemed to be either call girls or are thought of as such in Japan, apparently. High class ones apparently, which obviously makes it better not really. And since most of the men in this film are inadequate in one way or another, it’s no wonder Mariko went for Logan. Even though he has nocturnal knife emissions. And loves someone else. Who’s dead. That he killed.

Emotionally tormented superheroes seems to be the trend, what with Ironman 3’s Stark and Man of Steel’s Clarke (for whatever reason) lately, but Logan actually pulls that off quite well. As Quimby said, the end credit footage about the next X-Men film was a lot more interesting than the whole film - that’s the film I want to see.

I really wanted to enjoy it, but I was very bored as well. The whole movie was Wolverine chasing around Mariko as she got kidnapped/was fleeing here to there. I know it’s supposed to be more about the mental transformation as Wolverine accepts his fate as a soldier, but I don’t know…I found it all very predictable and boring. I got tired of the snake lady very quickly. It’s like the movie tried to beat it into the audience that HEY! SHE’S A SNAKE! Okay the venom, got it. Snake tongue, gotcha. Wearing green, okay I get it now. OH AND LET’S HAVE HER SHED LIKE A SNAKE FOR NO REASON AT ALL just to make sure the audience understands 110% that she’s a snake lady. I’m still in the crowd that believes that the X-Men movies didn’t successfully capture the appropriate level of infatuation Wolverine had for Jean when compared to the comic books, so this just makes him look like he’s having a hard time letting go of a dead chick he really dug for a minute.

I’m trying to think of what I actually did like…Well, Japan makes me nostalgic so I liked that. I liked the similarities were drawn between when he got arrowed and to the bear that was shot with poison arrows in the beginning of the movie. Other than that…Meh.

I liked it, because I love the Wolverine character so much that they would have had to mess it up super hard for me not to like it. I liked his side kick, but I didn’t like his love interest. She was boring. The surprise in the credits actually made me squeal.

Agree with Nzinga - the love interest was the most boring character in the film and the long scenes with her were the dullest parts.

Mostly okay, although my mind wandered from time to time. Not precisely bored, but not really engaged. It pretty well evaporated out of my brain as I left the theater. Husband actively disliked it though, and wanted to come home and watch The Avengers to get the taste out.

Open Spoilers Below

A lot of people have been confused by it, but I honestly had no trouble understanding various character’s motives:

*Yashida’s gone nuts trying to preserve his perceived legacy. He’s gone coocoo for cocopuffs, probably because he knows Shingen might well be willing to off Mariko out of pure spite.
*Shingen’s filled with bile; the guy’s lived his entire life in his father’s shadow, but he clearly has no love from the man. There’s a clear implication he learned everything his father wanted: traditional swordplay, genetics, and amassing power. He hates his daughter because Mariko has (for free) but Shingen could never earn.
*Harada is simply a loyal soldier himself. Unlike most everyone else, he hasn’t lost his honor. He respects Logan, but still obeys.
*Mariko simply gets turn up between her father and her grandfather.

By the by, Shingen is one heckuva badass. If not for the fact Wolvie is functionally immortal, he was fully capable of carving Logan up like a Thanksgiving Turkey. Further, he did this after being stabbed in the jugular by a poisoned pen, and was fighting a man with as much combat experience as an infantry regiment combined.

[quote[And maybe I’m overthinking this for a superhero film, but all (living) white women in this film seemed to be either call girls or are thought of as such in Japan, apparently.[/QUOTE]

You mean all one of her? Shockingly, yes, a woman (white or otherwise) dressed her way in a low-rent district would likely be thought a hooker.

Okay, I haven’t seen it, but I like my movies spoilered. I’m not much for surprises. Does Logan lose his abilities?

Partly, and partly temporarily. But we’ll be seeing The Wolverine again…

The plot was kind of silly. And the trailer gives the wrong impression that Logan has lost his powers do to a deal with the old guy rather than what actually happened with the snake lady. I enjoyed the bullet train action. I loved all of the Japanese decor. And I appreciated that it was the two female protagonists who saved Wolverine at the end. And the credits scene was fun.

Evil fiance’ was cavorting with two white girls.

Would it particularly change anything if they were black?

Can someone please put the movies in chronological order? Is it:
First Class
Wolverine Origins

Also, aah! How is he going to get his claws back? It feels weird when they don’t end a movie in the same condition as in the beginning.

You’ve got the right order of the movies.

As for the claws…well, with Magneto back to full power and needing Wolverine to help face the Big Bad, I think it would be relatively easy for Magneto to re-coat the claws with Adamantium.

Wait, didn’t Logan’s memory get wiped in between WWII and present day? If yes, then how does he remember WWII?

Oops forgot to add this movie. Is it last?

Dont point fingers at the plot holes.

and it wasn’t so much ‘wiped’ as ‘blown out the side of his head’ with an adamantium bullet.

The actress who played Yukio has an odd sort of face. Have I seen her somewhere before? I very much liked the character, I thought it was a good update for her.

Things I missed from the Wolverine Limited Series that would have been awesome:

  1. Mariko being actually married to the jerk she was engaged to in the movie, and having to deal with the conflict between honoring her wedding vows and acknowleging that the man she married has no honor.

  2. The conflict between Mariko and Logan - her being attracted to him, but grossed out by his “animal” side; him having to prove his humanity to her, her having to accept him as he is.

Basically I guess that translates to more character development for Mariko.

That said, I loved the friendship between Mariko & Yukio in the movie! In the comic book they didn’t know each other that well, and didn’t necessarily respect each other much; I like that though they were very different people they were still sisters-of-the-heart in the film.