The Wolverine Saw It Thread [Open Spoilers]

Who said that it would?

Uhhhhh… Uhhhhhhh…Magic?

I was never a fan of the actor choice for Wolverine, but I suppose Hollywood thought it needed star power to make one of the most popular characters of all comics of all time a box office draw :rolleyes: . And it’s not Jackman’s acting ability I have issue with - I think he’s great - it’s really just his build. His face is pretty good for Wolverine, too.

This movie was OK, not really too far to either side of the rating meter.

Tight shots of Famke Janssen won’t cause me to worry too much about the weaker points of a film. :cool:

“Go fuck yourself.” Yay, Wolvie!

At the time, he wasn’t a star.

Hmm. Yes, I suppose I am looking at it the wrong way, as playing Wolverine is sort of what launched Jackman’s career.

Maybe it’s just the “look” Hollywood was going for, or better said, avoiding, that bothers me.

Yeah, he is Wolverine for most people; it’s what made him famous.

He was actually the second pick, if you have forgotten or didn’t know. Dougray Scott was the top pick, but Mission Impossible 2 ran over schedule, so they had to film X-men 1 and gave it to Hugh Jackman.

Hugh Jackman has never been so lucky as the time John Woo ran over-time on MI:2.
Ok, slight hijack. I believe Dougray Scott later lost another major role because of a movie running over-schedule. What was it? My mind has gone completely blank and I remember the trivia that Dougray Scott was unlucky twice, not just the one time. What else did he miss?

James Bond.

I do know he was not picked for that, but that’s not it.

Scratch it, I think the person I’m thinking of is Stuart Townsend, who lost Aragorn after getting ready for it.

I think he had another role that he lost due to scheduling or some other reason. I see on his Wiki that he was almost in Thor(not as Thor) and dropped out. I’m not sure what I’m thinking of anymore, but I know there is a guy who is a “twice loser” for major roles. I just don’t remember who and what.

Wasn’t he cast as Marty McFly in Back to the Future before MJFox’s schedule could be worked out?
No wait… that’s Eric Stolz… never mind.

More than" getting ready"–they had started filming.

With others, that is. He was fired the day before main principal photography had started. I assume they did scenery and some small things with other actors first.

Saw The Wolverine tonight.

While I enjoyed the movie a lot (it was worlds better than the first Wolverine movie), I must say that when it came to Japanese culture, it left absolutely no cliche unused.

Let’s see:

Ninjas? Of course.
Yakuza? Lots!
Every character knows martial arts AND how to handle a samurai sword? Uh-huh.
Seppuku? Yep.
Kimono? You bet!
Family honor? Front and center.
A big “robot” that looks like a samurai? Sure, why not?
The Japanese have weird sexual fetishes? That was there (although not blatant) in the various rooms available at the “love hotel”.

I’m sure I missed several cliches - feel free to add them.

The only one missing (and I may just have overlooked it) was sushi!

Well, it did include the only things Americans know about Japan: They lost WWII because of The Bomb.

And bullet trains.

Wow, am I ever tired of ninjas. And martial arts.

So I wasn’t looking forward to this one really, but it wasn’t too bad. I give it a solid “meh++”


The female body guard was mildly interesting, but I’m sure she’ll die in the next movie.

In the comics, Silver Samurai was a mutant who could charge his sword with super cutting power. In the movie, he was a robot/armor that could charge it’s sword with super cutting power. And Wolverine could also charge his sword… By holding it two handed? Was his sword magic? Was the robots sword magic too? Or do all Japanese swords in this universe get super charged if you know to hold them two handed?

Why did Harada switch sides? He just decided at the last minute that the whole plan was crazy?

I justified Harada’s actions by pretending in my mind that he was Marvel’s version of Two-Face and was flipping a coin every ten minutes to decide whose side he was on.

Then it all made sense.

The sword was technological in nature. To activate the super flame function the sword had to be held in the traditional samurai manner. Think of it as a safety mechanism—that doesn’t seem all that weird at all. Do you want you robo-suits giant sword to ALWAYS be flaming? No. You want to have options.

Harada was loyal to the Yashida family…but also in love with Mariko. So he believed in grandpa’s plan and thought Mariko would follow along in a “if she could just SEE” type situation. When Mariko was willing to STAB him in order to help Wolverine once the plan was revealed–that shook Harada out of it. He loved Mariko more then he was loyal to the old man’s crazy plan.
It was jarring and they should have had beat to make it more apparent…but it’s there.

Yeah, this bugged me the most out of the entire movie. I liked it, but to be honest, I’m less interested in this kind of low-key, human drama portrayal. Bring on the mutants and the laser beams!

A couple questions:

What was the point of having an adamantium suit of armor? Its a really hard metal, that’s it, it has no healing properties. Yashida could have designed it out of iron and achieved the same effect, couldn’t he?

And Wolverine’s healing doesn’t make him younger, or else he’d get younger with age. Why did it transform Yashida into a young man?

And how the fuck was drilling into his claw holes supposed to suck out his mutant power? Couldn’t they have stuck the needles into his arm too?

And when did Viper put a freaking metal spider into Wolverine’s heart? Was that dream sequence kissing Jean her illusion? If so, how’d she change into Jean and change back? She’s no Mystique

And lastly, if Wolverine’s powers were kind of suppressed, and it was established in X-Men 1 that his claws hurt him every time it comes out, why weren’t his fists bleeding the whole time?

I got nothing.

This is fanwanking because I don’t think any of this is in the movie at all-- but what if Yashida was simultaneously idolizing and angry at Logan. Logan was a hero and tough and had cool powers while Yashida was ultimately a weak coward. Yashida wanted to be better then the Wolverine. The suit seemed to double as life-support system and contingency plan if Logan refused to give up his power.
The drills thing was weird unless for some reason Logan’s bonemarrow was the key to steal the healing factor?